From the Mushroom Vaults

by Waluigi48 (talk)

I'm-a back! Today, we'll discuss some moves in Super Mario Sunshine, get some hidden 1-Ups in the same game, and collect a difficult Star Coin in New Super Mario Bros. Wii.

How to Use Moves the CORRECT Way

Do you need to get up on a high ledge, but lack the space for a triple jump? Or do you need to get across a long stretch of land? Here are some basic things to remember.

To Climb a High Ledge

You may know how to triple jump, but another good strategy jump to use is the Sideways Jump. Just run in a straight line, then turn 180 degrees and jump at the same time. You'll execute a higher jump than usual. You can then use the hover nozzle to get more height.


Use the hover nozzle again to get over high places then let go of the "R" button and press B to slide over. Also, you can float above enemies with the hover nozzle, drenching them while you remain safe.

Some 1-UPs

1. There's one near the ocean. 2. There's one underground. 3. There's two in the Secret of the Yoshi-Go-Round.

Ironically, it rhymed. But they all are there.

NSMBW Coin in 3-3

To get the last star coin in World 3-3, pick up the barrel at the checkpoint and hold it until you see the warp pipe leading to the surface. Throw the barrel into the hole where the star coin is and you've achieved victory!

That's it for this month. See ya!

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