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Mario Super SluggersEdit

Remove Featured Article StatusEdit

  1. Yoshi876 (talk) First off, a minor issue, but many section don't follow the Empty Sections Policy. Next, the article states that 'Challenge Mode is the primary focus of the game' yet it doesn't contain a lot of information on it, it just has a brief overview of it instead, and yet the cutscenes contain lots of information, some of which is probably unneeded. And finally, the table for Alternate Team Players contains no images for any of the characters in it.

Keep Featured Article StatusEdit

  1. MeritC (talk) - I am sorry, but I'm going to have to oppose this the moment I saw the "unfeature" alert. First, as the person said, the gallery parts can be easily fixed (we just have to choose which images can qualify as preview images). Second, there is no artworks for the "Alternate Team Players" - so I don't see why we would need images for that second (I'll see about removing the tag after placing in this vote). And thirdly - the "Challenge Mode" gameplay in terms of describing how it's done is clearly explained in the majority of existing section here (including that in order for other features of this game to be unlocked, the player has to go through the Challenge Mode process in most cases to meet said criteria). So, in short, this article is still featured territory -- we just have to deal with some minor tweaks to get this complaint with today's article content demands. I rest my case here.

Removal of Support/Oppose VotesEdit


Hey hello how about you guys actually try and impove the page instead making your so called unfeatured nomination

I don't have the game Yoshi876 (talk)
That's also the same thing I stated in the "Keep Featured" vote; you just can't nominate an article to be unfeatured because of issues that can easily be fixed once we decide on the right approach to do so. In fact, later today, I'll check the gallery itself to see what can quality for the image gallery "preview" for said article to get that out of the way. And also, that "More Images" tag was removed from the "Alternate Team Players" section because there weren't any game artworks done for them at all here. MeritC (talk)
I thought there would be images for them, sorry for that Yoshi876 (talk)

To get colors for the team players, I already suggested in the talk page quite some while ago to use screenshots from the character select screen, akin to Mario Superstar Baseball. I think might actually go along with my suggestion, since the screenshots of characters instead of artwork will do this article better since all characters have a character selection pose, plus it would be more consistent. BabyLuigiOnFire (talk)

Okay I placed in pictures that would best represent a "preview" for said gallery. However, in terms of the colors for the "alernate Team Players" don't the same 'species' have the same posings when chosen? MeritC (talk)
Yes, the colored characters are simply just recolors of the characters other than stats. BabyLuigiOnFire (talk)