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Hi, I'm Papermariobowzerguy, or PMBG for short. I am a fan of the Mario series and I love playing as mario in SSBB. Some facts about me you might not know:

  • My name is actually spelled Papermariobowzerguy, with a z. I actually misspelled it on purpose.
  • I love putting image links on my page (no matter what type of wiki it is).

Image links

(I told you earlier!) Mario.jpg

My made-up mario games

Super Paper Mario Galaxy

It's like Super Paper Mario, Mario Galaxy, and mario sunshine all in one. Every graphic is papery like Paper Mario and it has the same battle style, but Mario has a lot more attack choices. He still has Jump, hammer and item, but now he has new attack choices such as FLUDD, ground pound, and fireball. (you don't have to get fire mario to shoot fireballs, but fire mario shoots bigger fireballs than what you normally do) Theres also a spin attack that you can do. Plus, all the original abilities such as Fire Mario and propeller mario are coming back! YES! There's also two health meters, one outside of battle and one in battle. The one in battle is the health meter from paper mario. The health meter outside of battle is the health meter from Mario 64.

The story

Peach invites mario to her castle and (as usual) gives him a map. (you think that we'd be done with all the 'mysterious treasure map' thing by now) So Mario goes to the castle. But, on the bridge between the castle and toad town, mario had to battle a Net-enup to cross it. This is the first battle. Luigi will teach you how to battle. Then mario and luigi get to peach's castle. In the main hallway, you meet the entire koopa troop! OMG! But they're not attacking.. Then Princess peach walks in the room and explains that Bowser is on your side. Sure enough Bowser comes in and says:

Bowser:I've given up. I'm so bad at being...bad!

    • blushes slightly*

Meanwhile, high in the atmosphere...

Kammy Koopa: Master, is it time to attack?

???: No. We must wait until Peach is alone. Kammy, check if Peach is alone.

Kammy Koopa: Yes master

OK so basically collect shine sprites blah blah blah. The main villian is Steel Bowser. He is actually Bowser Jr. Who is convinced by kammy koopa that it's all part of bowser's plan. But it's not, seeing that Bowser joins your team. Kammy koopa is actually...DARKLY?!?!?! Yes you read that right. The real dude behind it all is Darkly, probably the same guy from TTYD, maybe not. He wants a "darker universe" and will kill for it. Here are his stats:

HP: 200 ATK: 3, 4, 10 DEF: 0 Attacks: Ground Pound (3), Ram (4), Charge (boosts attack by 6 or 7), Recover (gives him 20 HP), Magic Attack (6), Magick (makes him giant, have spikes, turn invisible or dodgy, grow wings, grow koopa shell, burn himself, confuse/poison/dizzify himself, make himself fall asleep, electrify himself, electrify you and more. This effect is completly random and even Darkly doesn't know what will happen.), Darkspin (5), Superdimentio (turns into Super Dimentio temporarily; boosts attack). Tattle Log: This is Darkly, the person behind the entire adventure. His attacks involve shape-shifting and magic attacks Tattle: This is Darkly, the guy behind your entire adventure. What a jerk! Now I don't know if we're supposed to thank him for this adventure or attack him for putting us all in danger...

Thankfully, he has no defense and pretty low attack (for a final Boss) but his HP is a lot.

P.S. Peach is not the damsel-in-distress, just like in SPM. You can also flip like in SPM, but there's no time limit to how long you stay in 3-D. In fact, most of the game will be in three d.