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Stats Page

The IRC stats page is maintained by myself, and was merely created as an experiment in learning to use the mIRCStats program (, with which these pages were created. I have kept it though, and allowed it to develop into something I am in some way proud of.

How the stats work:

  • People talk in the IRC channel as usual. This is integral to its use.
    • I then run the stats generator at home, making changes as necessary.
      • This can range from tweaking a user's aliases (how they are identified in the stats) to adding new panels.
    • I then upload it to my web server, and people view the pages at their whim.


  • Any lines spoken when Neurario is not in the #mariowiki chat will not be counted. This is due to the way the stats analyse chat logs.

This is not intended to cause fights over, it's only for fun. Maybe it will allow for some intelligent conversation, maybe some thoughtless spamming, but nowadays this is maintained only for fun. :)

Important Changes

  • Jan 25: Expanded the stats charts to five pages of data.
  • Jan 18: Fixed a bug that meant that some text was not indexed at all. This is fixed, and has caused some shift in user rankings. However, these stats are now more current.
  • Jan 16: Restarted the stats page, running on mIRCStats instead of the PISG Perl script I was using before.



Some information can be gleaned from everyday use of the chat, forum, and wiki. Some however, cannot. And some may not like that information available. I created a little form that users of the chat can fill out if they want to be counted, or don't want to be. (after all, you have the right to exclude yourself from the stats entirely.)

However, on that same note, be careful as you are asked to provide information such as your birthdate and country. NO PERSONAL INFORMATION IS REQUIRED. If you so desire you can fill out the minimum and submit. This is up to you.

Chat Logs

A complete log of what happens in the chat. Be warned, you should probably save it to your computer, then open it up in a supported text editor.

  • #mariowiki (August 2008 to January 2009)
    • Size: 10 MegaBytes
  • #mariowiki (Jan 13 2009 to Jan 31)
    • Size: 4 MegaBytes
    • Notes: This month had us fighting off occasional troll attacks from SonicRocks, Liger_Zero's crew, as well as random communities sparked by the aforementioned trying to pick fights with us. So be warned for SOME cussing or adult themes (not that it goes unpunished). That said, we do have our fair share of normal chat.

Quit Messages Table

Old Quit Messages

These quotes have been retired from the normal quote running; however they are retained here for reference.

Quit Message/Quotee, Context (if applicable)
Quote Source
"Can you explain it to me? Something a bit more confidence-stirring than 'can I hack off your limb'?"
Lister may need to have his arm removed to save his life
Red Dwarf, U.K. TV Series
"If God really did make anything in his own image, I propose that God is a cockroach." ~Mohinder Suresh
Dunno about this one. Pokemon DP asked me to add it.
Heroes, TV series
"Oh wow, a bout of deus ex machina!"
Neurario just happened to come into contact with something that brang him back to life in one of Daniels' roleplays.
"Ohhh! I'm gonna die! I've been fished to death!"
The Cat learns not to overeat, even on fish.
Red Dwarf
"R.I.P. Neurario : He only had three lines"
If Neurario ever wanted to reference Bonus Stage on his tombstone, this is how he'd do it.
"Sir, try and remain calm. You're experiencing a classic knee-jerk paranoid reaction to a terror situation. It's essential at this time that we-- IT'S THE WALL!!!"
If you're trying to deal with a transmogrific enemy, then an android like Kryten probably isn't going to help you out.
Red Dwarf
"Smoke me a kipper, I'll be back for breakfast."
Ace Rimmer, hero of the alternate universes, makes his classic departure.
Red Dwarf
"So... let me get this straight. You want to fly on a magic carpet, to see the king of the potato people and plead with him for your freedom, and you're telling me you're completely sane?"
You can't really reason with Rimmer when he has the Holovirus.
Red Dwarf
"There is a grevious fault with thine weapon; it keepeth shooting people."
The highest 'parts' of your being in an alternate persona. The Cat can be too forgiving at times.
Red Dwarf
"This place draws to an end, and through the chaos I will arise. You will see me as your messiah. You will see me as your key to salvation. I will be your protector, your deserter, your executioner. I am the vanguard of destruction."
NetDeath makes his epic entrance speech.
Porplemontage Studios Forums
"You can't frighten me! I'm a coward! I'm always scared!"
Rimmer makes impeccable logic.
Red Dwarf
"You don't think there's anything amiss? I'm sitting here wearing a red and white checked gingham dress... and army boots... and you think that's un-amiss?"
Nope, we certainly don't think that there's anything amiss with Rimmer.
Red Dwarf
"You spoke to five people and they all committed suicide. I wouldn't mind, but one was a wrong number! He only phoned up for the cricket scores!"
Lemming Sunday, they called it.
Red Dwarf
"You're going to go with one of my plans? Are you nuts? What happens if we all get killed? I'll never hear the last of it."
Cat gets all the blame. :)
Red Dwarf
Neurario sits up. "It's okay! The bomb was implanted in this secure cigarette holder! I'm saved!" He looks around his person. "Oh, wait, I must have left it on the dresser." He passes away.
Neurario quotes Blackadder in his death.
ShinyLucario makes fort with couches and blankets and stuff :3 | Neurario dives in with him
Two Lucarios playing with each other. How cute. :3
TigerboltXp nuzzles the car to make it explode. Chatroom
:D Please don't touch me there, Sir. O;
Killerraven has a classic signature.
Porplemontage Studios Forums
<@Jargie_Chan> Bean starts, closes her eyes, calm. "Bai Bean!" Jorge whispers. A century later Bean taps him right to the knee. Knocking him into the barstool on the ceiling. Jorge punches his knee and frowns at her again. "Mean to see you too," Jorge thinks in a very serious manner
Happy opposite day, Jorge!
<@RAP> XPPPPPPPPpp | <Neurario> You might want to control your extra mouth growth, RAP. XP
Everyone should, in fact.
<@Toadbert101> Neuario is a dog?
Yeah, aren't all Lucario doggish?
<_1337Yoshi> and so i come, like a convenient plot device in a sprite-based comic! Chatroom
<+Makoto> Cym loves you and wants to marry you and wants you dead. Serene's Forest Chatroom
<+Makoto> Makoto the cake is a you. | <Neurario> no the cake is a lie. | <+Makoto> No you are the cake. Serene's Forest Chatroom
<+Makoto> Makoto's going to kill all of us one day, aren't you? Serene's Forest Chatroom
<+Makoto> Nario is makoto? Gasp. Serene's Forest Chatroom
<BowserBoss> One time, a Fetus flirted with my sister. He was still in the womb, man! That's messed up! Chatroom
<BowserBoss> You are not Tivo-able accoding to my Tivo handbook. It's 1 page long and it says "THIS THING IS AWESOME BUT DON'T TIVO NEURARIO" Chatroom
<Cymbeline> If a guy considers breeding pokemon as work, how old do you think he is? Serene's Forest Chatroom
<Daniels> There are 4 different links if you'd look and stop looking at Neurario like are you gonna kill him or somethin else... Chatroom
<Desdemona> Nario's Chips-Ingredients: Potatoes, Rap-brand stomach acid Serene's Forest Chatroom
<Doom_Dragon_103> NARIO IS A BOT <Doom_Dragon_103> smarty made him blue, with help from sevensins Serene's Forest Chatroom
<Dudesy> What is the MarioWiki? | <Joe> shinn's better website. Porplemontage Studios
More Bonus Stage referencing from Neurario.
<Green_DP> RAP HAS POSSESED YOU TOO?! <Neurario> RAWR <Green_DP> WE MUST ESCAPE! *jumps out the window* <Neurario> *shuts the window behind DP* Chatroom
<Heart_Hero> To be a hero you must have tight pants
The Heart Hero speaks from experience, people.
Porplemontage Studios Chatroom
<MarioBros777> "As the Chinese nation faces its greatest peril, All forcefully expend their last cries."
MB777 quotes the Chinese National Anthem.
<MarioBros777> Arise! All who refuse to be slaves!
As above.
<MarioBros777> Just cause I have everything that you have...and so do you. But that's beside the point. I'M COOLER THAN YOU!
As above.
<Mashi> Yeah, I bought this sunglasses-wearing Lucario with some money I had. RadioPSI Chatroom
<MB777|SSBA> I live right behind you. <Neurario> But that means...YOU'RE SITTING ON MY BED. o.O <MB777|SSBA> Not sitting on it. Lying on it. Chatroom
<MB777|SSBA> OH yayz. I am a quit message.
And you could be too, just make suggestions for things in the talk for this page. :)
<Mcoolister> Hey RAP, wanna here a cool typo? | <Neurario> Is it my mispelling of "gimme a sec"? Chatroom
<Mr_Vruet> Mitch knows what a sock puppet is, who wayoshi, jorge, rap, and bean are, and knows how to use this applet | <Mr_Vruet> That is suspicious Chatroom
<NeurariEated> I could be a novelty act, as a dancing skeleton.
What jobs are there for an exquisite dead guy, rotating in his display case?
<Neurario> I guess Lucario should be glad he's fictional Chatroom
<Neurario> NEURARIO; NERD BY DAY - LUCARIO BY NIGHT | <Neurario> *some superhero theme tune* Chatroom
<PDP|Gone> I saw the word "dragon" in it, and I knew I shouldn't read it. Chatroom
<Pokemon_DP> I will take a potato chip... AND EAT IT! | <YellowyOshi398> AND EAT IT AND EAT IT | <Neurario> AND GO AND GO AND GO WITH MILO! :D
Good old referencing stuff.
<Rubyrulez> Neurario, the sunglasses wearing Lucario
This one comment persuaded Neurario to become Lucarian.
Porplemontage Studios Skype Channel
<ShinyLucario> Numbers scare me ever since I watched my first episode of Sesame Street. Chatroom
<TigerboltXp> My aunt asked why we got points for getting headaches on Super Mario Bros. Chatroom
Did they even hear me? I don't know, I thought I was pretty loud. But no one's reacted to it.
Porplemontage Studios Forums
Don't! Date! Robots! Futurama
I always suspect terrorism when my cat comes in the room.
Porplemontage Studios Forums
I swear this random table is following us.
Neurario in a query to BowserJrLover, questions the presence of tables.
IRC Query
If you have a problem, if no-one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire...The @ Team.
Neurario, Toolittletime and Micha become the @ team of Porplemontage Studios.
Porplemontage Studios Chatroom
Oscar_Wilde224 was kicked by Neurario (:awesome:) Porplemontage Studios Chatroom
Perhaps they didn't even notice me yet. I don't even remember it myself, really. Nobody saw me.
Porplemontage Studios Forums
PINK! ^_^
Neurario, every day ever.
Stoke me a clipper. I'll be back for Christmas. Whatever.
Rimmer attempts his hero self's departure, with not as good results.
Red Dwarf
UserGuest has joined | <Spris-Tuckshi> no | UserGuest has left Chatroom
We could go back to Dallas in November 1963, stand on the grassy knoll, and shout 'Duck!'.
When talking about going back to the past Kryten usually bypasses his good-taste chip.
Red Dwarf