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??????????? HEY you can call me Showtime I guess?? sdjgsdhfgjkasdhfsdfj

I'm 16, uh, I'm autistic and have ADHD, I'm waiting for a diagnosis for PTSD and probably STPD too though...

One of my special interests is Super Mario!! This is why I tend to be rather critical of some things on this wiki, I think the wiki should be very dedicated to known facts with real sourcing, especially since this wiki is VERY often cited as fact!

I'm genderqueer/genderfluid!! (yeah both at the same time :V) Please use they/them for me!

Uh I'm from Sweden so sorry if my English isn't always the best?? I also tend to accidentally misunderstand/misinterpret things uh. Please be try to patient with me I am very small and I am Trying My Best

I tend to be rather source critical I think so uh... Sorry about that I guess.................? Uh, I often change pronouns to they/them in cases where A) The character hasn't been given any official pronouns or gender (sourcing if the character has is always appreciated, I'll always ask in discuss first!!), B) The "player" is referred to with a specific gendered pronoun, or C) The usage of he/she, he or she, etc., he/she is very wonky and excluding of for example players like me who go by neither :^) It also becomes very awkward when you need to conjugate (like "he or she's" instead of just simply "they're"). I especially often change the pronouns if they/them has been used in another part of the article. I'd strongly prefer you didn't try to argue with me about whether or not singular they is grammatically correct, it is, there's tons of sources of it, it's used frequently every day, including on this wikia, and as stated, sometimes even in the same article as "he/she". ok thanks and im sorry if its annoying jdfgksjdghdgj

Oh also I'm sorry I apologize a lot, I do that because I'm scared I might sound insulting when that is never ever my intent and I want to make sure that's clear! That and it just feels more polite. I've been on a hiatus for a while due to distrust and feeling unwelcome here for several reasons, but please take into consideration I'm really easily confused, my wording tends to be wonky and sometimes rather long because I don't know how else to express myself, sorry, and if I do something I'm not supposed to please calmly tell me privately!!

Anyways Lemmy Koopa is trans 👌👀

k byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee