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I'm Kylegalaxy1, and I am new to this wiki. I love this Wikipedia, IT IS AWESOME!!!!!!! I am a gamer, like most people here, and I like to change minor things, or add things that you've missed. Sometimes I can't say the thing I'm trying to say, put it up, and then somebody fixes it for me! LoL.

Top 10 Favourite Games

  • 10.PACMAN

PACMAN is a great game. It is so old, but feels new! Everyone loves it, even you! I think...

  • 9.Mortal Kombat

Come on! You've got to admit it's cool! I don't really really like it, (also, this one is the first one on sega) but if I have time, I might play it before I play no.1.

  • 8.Yoshi's Island DS

I love the game. The shy guys were creative, the gameplay was cool and fun, I loved those Yoshi's, there was baby donkey kong, I loved it!

  • 7.Alex Kid

It's one of those games I can't beat, (only bet it once) and that's just me. I love it because it is fun. Check it out yourself! (On sega)

  • 6.Mario Kart Super Circuit

This was probably one of my first games I ever played. It was fun, the rainbow road was good, it was just a fantastic game! Also one of my first, so... Yeah.

  • 5.Halo Multiplayer

Fun. SO MUCH FUN! FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN! I smash people and kill them in that game. They would hope they never played...

  • 4.Mario Kart 7

It was so fun! (I better shut up with these 'so fun!') it was good graphics, super fun and their rainbow road was, not the best, but awesome!

  • 3.Minecraft (PC, PE, XBOX 360, PS)

I think I've played this game about 100,000,000 times. I just can't stop playing it! If I'm bored or near bed, or morning or afternoon, I can pull it out. It can't let me down. And it hasn't.

  • 2.Mario Kart Wii

The tricks! The tricks! This game was crazy! I loved their rainbow road (SPOILER ALERT; which is my second favourite track in the whole entire Mario kart series,) it was soooooooooo much fun, and Rosalina and my mii were the most fun to play with. Also king boo. Oh god, I just loved it.

  • 1. Here it is folks! Mario Kart 8!

Best game I have ever played. Well, technically I have not played it, but i might be getting it ok! It looks amazing. The character selection screen is CRAZY! Now I can race as awesome iggy koopa, shy guy the not so shy guy because the only shy thing he does is have a mask but my theory of underneath his mask is darkness. Nothing, because the mask is his face, and stellar mother, known for being hot. Rosalina! Can't wait! And there you have it. Oh wait! You wanted to see my favourite Mario kart series track? Well, second and a half is Shy Guy Falls, and my favourite is Rainbow Road (Wii U)! Thanks!

Things I like to do, and favourite sport.

I like to play video games and my favourite sport is tennis and football, even though right now I don't play them. That's it. That's all I need to say. That's all. Do you need to say something? I'm sure you do. What is it? If you're not going to say anything, why don't you just put your hand up? Oh wait, I can't see your hand. Can I? Do you know if I can see your hand? Well, just stop reading. Actually, if you want to you can, but if you don't want to you still can but you can stop! This is junk.

Thank you for doing whatever you apparently did.