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That's me, for sure!.
Real Name: Cody Dalov
Living in: New York

Yo, wassup all viewers? Name's AncientGroudon!

About Me

I'm a HUGE Mario fan. I also like Mortal Kombat, Super Smash Bros., Sonic The Hedgehog, Kirby, and Pokemon. I don't brag at all because I think bragging is for know-it-alls. Oh yeah, I don't cuss or insult people, either. I DO respect other people's oppnions. I'm one of those people who like to laugh a lot and make people happy when they're down. I hate being RickRoll'd. (I can understand being Scat or RaveRoll'd, though).

I'm don't like Internet Memes at all. (If you like them, fine by me), mostly because I HATE being RickRoll'd. I also hate spammers, hackers, cussers, smokers, drinkers, and people who tell me what I should do. In real life, I live in New York, New York with a regular American accent. (Don't ask what's a regular American accent is).

My favorite TV shows are 6teen, Total Drama Island, Courage The Cowardly Dog, and Pokemon. My favorite movie of all time is Sonic The Hedgehog: The Movie. My favorite music is Noboy's Listening, Runaway, Breaking Habits, and Smells Like Teen Spirit.

Me & Mario Games

Alright, my love for the Mario series started out when I was three-years-old and went to my older cousin's house. He had the original Super Mario Bros., and I played it for a while. Then, when I was six, I remembered playing it. I asked my parents if I could get at least one video game console for my birthday. They both agreed and said that I could get a DS. I was so excited! Then, my dad said I could could pick at least one game, and I picked New Super Mario Bros. Then, imeediatly after I went home, I got out my new DS and played NSMB. I loved the game! I also like to play the Mario Kart series.

Me & Other Games

Of course, I DO play other games. I play the Smash Bros. series, Sonic series, Mortal Kombat series, Kirby series, and the Pokemon series. Occaisinally, I play Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, and it's a great game. I will NOT give out my Friend Code no matter how much you ask


  • My Japanese name (グラードン) doesn't show my real name (Cody) in English, it shows Groudon's Japanese name.
  • You can also call me PurpleDarkness.
  • Don't say "HAY ANCIENTGROUDON LETS B FRENDS!", just say it normally.
  • I use brackets a LOT.
  • I also use the Internet a LOT.
  • My favorite Mario character are Bowser, Boshi, and the Koopa.
  • I do go to YouTube at, like, 20 times a day.
  • I'm an only child.
  • Sometimes I can keep a low profile in crowds.

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