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This article is about the Yoshi's Island DS enemy. For information about the king of Ice Land from The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3, see King Windbag.
A Windbag blowing on a Nipper Dandelion.
First Appearance Yoshi's Island DS (2006)

Windbags are brown, eggplant-like enemies that spew strong winds from Yoshi's Island DS. Not much is known about these oddly-shaped creatures. An important feature about these plants is not to be anywhere near them when they spew air if a Nipper Dandelion is nearby, as was the case in the first level of Yoshi's Island DS. The strong wind blows four Nipper Spores out of the Nipper Dandelion, which eventually land and become Nipper Plants. If egged, they will die, but a few seconds later, they will regenerate. Yoshi will bounce off it if he touches it, and it will faint for a bit.