Super Thwomp

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Super Thwomp
SuperThwomp NSMBW.png
A Super Thwomp from New Super Mario Bros. Wii.
Species Origin Thwomp
First Appearance New Super Mario Bros. (2006)
Latest Appearance New Super Luigi U (2013)

Super Thwomps, aka Big Thwomps in some Prima Guides, are a sub-species of giant Thwomp that have made semi-recurring appearances throughout the Mario series. Although their size varies between games, it is always shown that they are larger than the other Thwomps seen alongside them in the games. They also have the ability to smash through certain types of Brick Blocks and other blocks, something that their smaller counterparts are usually incapable of doing.


Super Mario series[edit]

New Super Mario Bros.[edit]

A Super Thwomp in New Super Mario Bros..

In New Super Mario Bros., they act just like Thwomps as they will come down from the ceiling in an attempt to squish Mario; the only differences are that these enemies have the ability to smash through Brick Blocks and are larger in size. They also have the same weaknesses as their smaller counterparts, being able to be defeated by either a Starman, as Shell Mario, or as Mega Mario.

New Super Mario Bros. Wii[edit]

Super Thwomps reappear in New Super Mario Bros. Wii as well. However, they only appear in the World 1 Castle. They are not seen smashing through Brick Blocks; instead they are seen smashing through white tiles on the floor of the castle.

New Super Mario Bros. 2[edit]

Super Thwomps return again in New Super Mario Bros. 2. They can be found in the World 1 Castle, and have the ability to smash through stone tiles on the floor once again. Super Thwomps are also featured on course three of the Gold Rush Pack, one of the game's downloadable level packs for Coin Rush mode.

Super Mario Galaxy 2[edit]

Two Super Thwomps appear in Super Mario Galaxy 2 in the Supermassive Galaxy. They are much larger and wider than normal Thwomps, and Mario can still wall jump up them just like the normal ones and also long jump to quickly pass them. There is a 1-Up Mushroom on top of one.

New Super Mario Bros. U[edit]

Super Thwomps reappear in New Super Mario Bros. U, alongside ordinary Thwomps and Thwimps.

Mario Kart Wii[edit]

A Super Thwomp makes a cameo in the battle course Thwomp Desert of Mario Kart Wii, where one pounds the ground creating earthquakes. This Thwomp can also smash racers if they drive too close while it slams the ground.

Names in Other Languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese でかドッスン
Huge Thwomp


The large Thwomp from Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars.
The gigantic Thwomp, from Super Princess Peach.