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Appeared in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games
Type Table Tennis
Info "Use your paddle to bounce the ball across the net into your opponent’s side, and win a point if they fail to return it or allow it to bounce twice. The first player to reach 11 points wins the round. Each player takes turns serving twice."
Controls Move Wii Remote: Hit ball
B Button: Slap shot
A Button: Slow shot
Circuits Saturn Circuit
Satellite Circuit
Galaxy Circuit
Big Bang Circuit

Singles is a real-life olympic event. It is played in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games and the only one in the "Table Tennis" category. The first player to reach eleven points (five in the DS version) wins the game. It has a Dream version, called Dream Table Tennis, where Special Attacks can be used.

Wii controls[edit]

Players swing Wii Remote to hit the ball. Meanwhile, they can press B Button to hit the ball hard, but they have a chance of missing. Alternately, they can press A Button to hit it softer but have a greater chance of hitting it. A point is awarded every time the opponent misses the ball or gets it out. To win the game, the player must reach eleven points before the opponent does. The losers of the first game face each other for third and fourth meanwhile the winners face off for first and second.


DS Version[edit]


In Knuckles the Echidna's fourth mission, Knuckles must beat his opponent by using a smash move at least five times.


Singles is Blaze the Cat's first mission. She must rally the ball for ten shots.


Luigi has his fourth mission as singles. Luigi must earn points with spin shots (performed by holdind A Button while swinging).


This is Yoshi's second mission. It is in the DS version of singles. To win he must win before his opponent gains three points.

Wii Version[edit]


Knuckles the Echidna' fifth mission in the Wii version of Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games is singles. To win his mission, he must beat Blaze the Cat.


Like Knuckles, singles is also Bowser's fifth mission in the Wii version. Bowser must win, but he must smash the ball (hold B Button while swinging) at least seven times.


Singles is Wario's first mission in the Wii version. Wario must rally a shot twelve times.


In Princess Daisy's sixth mission, Daisy must gain only five points by smashing the ball.


The fourth mission in the Wii version for Yoshi is singles. To win, he must rally fifteen times.