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This article is about the roof that appeared in Luigi's Mansion. For information about other appearances of roofs in the Mario franchise, see Roof (disambiguation).
Area Area Four
Normal Ghosts Six Shy Guys; two Flashes
Portrait Ghosts King Boo

Roof is the name of a room cleared in Area 4 in Luigi's Mansion. The player can traverse the mansion's roof through an elevator in the Clockwork Room. The key to the Armory and the entrance to the Sealed Room can be found here. The player is also transported here for the final battle against King Boo in the Bowser suit, though here it is not labeled on the map, as the edges are engulfed in flames.

Ghosts on the Roof[edit]

Ghosts on the Roof in the PAL Hidden Mansion[edit]


  • The Roof is the largest room in the mansion.