Pole Vault

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The Pole Vault.

The Pole Vault is an event, only in the Wii version of the game Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games. In it, the player must run down the runway with the pole, shaking the controllers to gain momentum, and then planting it and using it to jump over the bar. Each time the bar is successfully cleared, it gets a little higher for the next attempt. The goal is to clear the bar as many times as possible before failing three times.


To start the event, the player must choose the height they want the bar set at, the lowest being 5.50 and the highest at 6.30. Then, the player must shake the Wii Remote and Nunchuk as fast as possible to build up speed. When "Speed Locked" appears, wait until the character is on the blue/red track and swing the Wii Remote down fast. If the remote is swung too early or too late, it will result in a foul. Then, the character will lower their pole. When the pole touches the ground, the player will have to shake very hard once again to build up power. After the player jumps, there are four options: The player will hit the bar (Fail), the player will touch the bar and it will wiggle then fall (Fail), the player will touch the bar and it will wiggle but not fall (Pass) or the player will clear the bar (Pass). There are three tries to clear the bar and when you do, you go back to the height selection window. The player who gets the highest jump without knocking over the pole wins.


  • This is one of the two events where there is a maximum Olympic Record. The other is the High Jump.