Darkmoon Caverns

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Diddy Kong Racing Track
Darkmoon Caverns
Darkmoon Caverns.PNG
Location Future Fun Land
Balloon # 40
Transportation Car, Hovercraft
Track Notes This track has two loops in it.
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Darkmoon Caverns is an area of Future Fun Land and is in the games Diddy Kong Racing and its remake, Diddy Kong Racing DS.

The track has two huge loops akin to those in Walrus Cove, although instead of having zippers at the bottom of the slide, they are zippers in themselves. The course seems to be have been battered by Wizpig's spaceships, as there are craters everywhere. Some areas have Wizpig's spaceships shooting at the ground.

In the Nintendo DS remake, the spaceships are removed, and the track is much easier. The music is also slightly changed, possessing more high-tech sounds, perhaps in an attempt to cash in on the technological advances of the newer consoles.