Hello there. I'm Alexneushoorn. I'm a 17-year old boy from The Netherlands. I like rhino's, computering, video games, Roblox, the Mario series and other things.

Personality and appearance.

I'm a kind and caring person, but I get angry when something goes wrong. I usally wear big sweaters with or without a hoodie. I also wear various shirt that fit my body. I wear jeans or jogging pants most of the time and I wear shoes that I can easily get in.

I make Youtube videos. I also make a show regarding Mario on my Youtube channel.

Pictures I like

Mario: Looks like a murder has been committed here.

My House

After I lost my job at The 'Shroom, I couldn't pay the rent anymore, so now I live in this tent. I do NOT enjoy living as a hobo.

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