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This is the page about the polls you see up on the Main Page! Feel free to browse through the archived polls and all about our Poll Committee.


On Sunday, 23 May 2010, a proposal concerning several changes in our current Main Page was accepted by the community and passed. This proposal can be viewed here.

One point this proposal addressed was the creation of a Poll Committee, a selected group of users to create and select polls to feature on the Main Page. The members of this committee are meant to be selected by a person in charge of the committee, the Poll Committee Chairperson, who shall be elected by the community.

The polls are usually swapped every Sunday at around 7:00 P.M. EST.

Seventh Poll Committee

Archived polls

Current committee

Mario & Luigi vs. Paper Mario (Stargazing (Talk), August 14, 2016)

Both the Mario and Luigi and Paper Mario series have four games each, with one crossover. Which one do you prefer?

I prefer the Mario and Luigi series. 32.17% (762 votes)

I prefer the Paper Mario series. 27.61% (654 votes)

I dislike both of these series. 1.39% (33 votes)

I like both series equally. 31.36% (743 votes)

I have never played these series. 7.47% (177 votes)

Total Votes: 2,369

Which of the Mario sports series do you like the most? (Tucayo (Talk), August 7, 2016)

Which of the Mario sports series do you like the most?

Golf 7.07% (125 votes)

Tennis 13.74% (243 votes)

Strikers 11.93% (211 votes)

Baseball 15.09% (267 votes)

Olympic Games 19.9% (352 votes)

Hoops 1.81% (32 votes)

Sports Mix 6.84% (121 votes)

I like them all equally 12.15% (215 votes)

I don't like any of them 11.48% (203 votes)

Total Votes: 1,769

Which Nintendo home console controller is your favorite? (Baby Luigi (Talk), July 31, 2016)

Which Nintendo home console controller is your favorite?

NES 2.79% (62 votes)

SNES 6.13% (136 votes)

Nintendo 64 6.85% (152 votes)

GameCube 38.2% (848 votes)

Wii Remote + Accesories 14.55% (323 votes)

Wii U Gamepad 23.65% (525 votes)

Wii U Pro Controller 7.83% (174 votes)

Total Votes: 2,220

Mario smartphone app (Tucayo (Talk), July 24, 2016)

After the success of Miitomo and Pokémon GO, what would you like to see in a Mario smartphone app?

A new, full-fledged game. 33.2% (756 votes)

Mini-games in the style of the Mario Party or the WarioWare series. 25.52% (581 votes)

Ports of classic games. 12.82% (292 votes)

A companion app for console games. 4.83% (110 votes)

A social app such as Miitomo. 1.32% (30 votes)

Other 3.47% (79 votes)

I don't want Mario smartphone apps or games. 18.84% (429 votes)

Total Votes: 2,277

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