World 1-1 (Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels)

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World 1-1
SMBLL Luigi Screenshot.png
Level code World 1-1
World World 1
Game Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels
Time limit 400 seconds
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World 1-1 is the first level of World 1 in Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels and is the first level in general of the game. The first screen of the level is also the game's title screen when starting it up.


The player starts on a path with a Koopa Paratroopa jumping towards them. Up ahead is a rectangle-shaped formation of blocks with a Koopa Troopa inside it, with the second-from-the-left Brick Block containing a Super Mushroom; to collect the power-up, the player needs to bump a block from below with the proper timing to make the Super Mushroom bounce over a ledge. Using the Koopa Troopa, the player can perform a trick to earn infinite lives. In the middle block of the row of ? Blocks ahead is a Poison Mushroom. Past the second pipe and above the tree in the background is a Hidden Block with a 1-Up Mushroom. Across the gap and in the left-most Brick Block of the bottom row is a Super Star, and the block to the right of the stone stairs ahead is a Coin Block. Using the upper Brick Blocks to cross a chasm, the player will come across a row of Koopa Troopas and some ? Blocks, the third-from-the-left of which contains a Poison Mushroom. After a row of enemies are two pipes, with the second one leading to an underground area containing some coins and Hidden Blocks containing a Poison Mushroom or a power-up. In the right-most ? Block under the floating pipe ahead is a power-up. Across the chasm and the pipe the player exits out of the underground area is a flight of stairs leading to the Goal Pole.


Name Count
A Green Koopa Paratroopa
Green Koopa Paratroopa
A Red Koopa Troopa from Super Mario Bros.
Red Koopa Troopa
A Green Koopa Troopa walking from Super Mario Bros.
Green Koopa Troopa
PiranhaPlant SMB Sprite.gif
Piranha Plant
Goomba's walking animation from Super Mario Bros.
Little Goomba

Level statistics[edit]

Feature Count Notes
A Coin from Super Mario Bros.
53 13 in ? blocks, up to 10 in one Coin Block, two in Hidden Blocks in the secret area, and 28 in open air, 18 of which are in the secret area.
Super Mushroom sprite from Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels.
Magic Mushroom
3 Replaced by Fire Flowers if Mario is already Super Mario.
Fire Flower
Fire Flower
3 Replaces Magic Mushrooms if Mario is Super Mario.
A Starman from Super Mario Bros.
1 Hidden in a Brick Block.
1-Up Mushroom sprite from Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels.
1 up Mushroom
1 Hidden in an invisible block directly above the tree in between the second and third pipes.
SMBLL Poison Mushroom Sprite.png
Poison Mushroom
3 Two are hidden in ? Blocks, and one is hidden in an invisible block.
Secret Area 1 Entrance to the secret area is in the 5th pipe. Contains 20 coins (two in Hidden Blocks), a power-up, and a Poison Mushroom. Exits out at the 8th pipe, near the end.

Level maps[edit]