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Doc von Schmeltwick's talk page archives

Official Artwork of a Mega MoleEpisode I: The Phantom Mole-nace
(1-160) (July 2017-January 2018)
The story of how a decade-long lurker finally joined for the sole reason of fixing a glaring mistake on Bald Cleft's page. And then they yell about classification on mole-ish creatures on a few occasions.

Artwork of an Attacky Sack from Yoshi's StoryEpisode II: Attacky of the Sackies
(161-320) (January 2018-October 2018)
Attacky Sacks appear and eat the universe, then I inadvertently help "Bowsette" propagate. Oops.

A Bubba in Super Mario Bōken Gēmu Ehon 6 3 Tsu no Takara (「スーパーマリオぼうけんゲームえほん 6 3つのたから」, Super Mario Adventure Game Picture Book 6: Three Treasures).Episode III: Revenge of the Fish
(321-480) (November 2018-November 2019)
Is Boss Bass the same as Cheep Chomp or Big Cheep Cheep and/or big Blurp?

Sprite of Magikoopa in battle, from Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars.Episode IV: A New Dope
(481-640) (November 2019-November 2023)
Various projects (and splits & merges) while I finish my graduate degree.

Help with a project (continued from archive 4)

What I meant was: could you help document what we don't have on Super Mario RPG's prerelease page that was found in that store of information? If you can, that would be great, but no pressure. Thanks! -- Artwork of Rosalina used in Mario Party: The Top 100, Mario Kart Tour and Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020. FanOfRosalina2007Artwork of Princess Peach for Mario Party: The Top 100 (talk · edits) 19:03, November 26, 2023 (EST)

Super Mario chart images 2

Hi, again, Doc. The exchange we had the other day was helpful. I had subsequently updated the chart image sizes on the Super Mario Galaxy page, and I was hoping to get your opinion. How does it look? I did not go as big as the current images on the Sunshine article, but they are bigger than they use to be. - Nintendo101 (talk) 10:04, November 27, 2023 (EST)

They do seem a little small, but not in dire need of enlargement. I'd personally go a little bigger, but I'll check again later when I'm not only just getting up and still have my eyes adjusted to dark. Doc von Schmeltwick (talk) 11:06, November 27, 2023 (EST)

About the Luigi's Mansion series bat

Hey, sorry for bothering you, I saw you have 'Merge Bat (Mario Kart 64) and Bat (Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon) into a generic "Bat (species)" article' in your "current goals", and I just wanted to say that I don't think that's a good idea. The LM2 and LM3 pests do look pretty generic, and they're referred to accordingly by English sources, but, you see those [citation needed] names in the NioL sections? Turns out the ones for the crow (which I intend to split eventually) and spider are used in game, so I believe the others are probably correct as well, possibly from some Japanese guide. I guess what I'm saying is, there's reason to believe they're supposed to be unique, albeit generic looking, recurring enemies. Blinker (talk) 16:48, November 27, 2023 (EST)

I'll just wait and see, then. Generic bats have appeared elsewhere, like in VB Wario Land and DK64 (as a recurring foreground species, not the enemy). Doc von Schmeltwick (talk) 16:52, November 27, 2023 (EST)