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Status: Hi everyone! Happy New Year!

"I Serve King Bowser...but I secretly befriend the Yoshis...I...AM...SO...AWESOME!"

-Yoshi Boo 118, Super Mario Wiki

Hello, I'm Yoshi Boo 118. I joined the wiki sometime in December 2008. I LOVE Mario games. They are the worst best video game ever invented. Want to talk or ask me something? Then TOO BAD click here. I like to make pages about objects. By the way, I'm Hispanic.


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My favorite characters are Yoshi, Boo, and Bowser. Check out my Sig!

Yoshi Boo 118Peek-A-BOO!He He...BOO!

Yoshi Boo 118
Image: MP7Boo.png
Name: Yoshi Boo 118
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Consoles he owns:
Yoshi Boo 118's Userbox Tower
NES Controller.png
The Wii.
Sprite of the Super Appeal badge in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.
Super Mario Maker costume of Dr. Kawashima from the Brain Age series.
Poké Ball
Artwork of Yoshi and Baby Mario from Yoshi's New Island.
SMG Thwomp Alternate Render.png
Earth small.png
Sprite of the Box and the Package from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
An image for Super-Yoshi's signature.
Mario's artwork for Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time.
Luigi's battle stance
Mario riding Yoshi
File:Dry Paratroopa.jpg
Yoshi is cute.gif
Chain Chomp
Mario's side.gif
A Boo hiding and revealing itself.
Bowser's side.gif

Favorite Characters

Here are my Favorite Characters, 1=Best.

  1. Yoshi! No contest. He's AWESOME! (I Know it's weird since I use Boo more).
  2. Boo. Of course, he's in my USER NAME.
  3. Bowser. Yay! I Like Bowser's Design.
  4. Dry Bones. Dry Bones are cool.
  5. Luigi. I like Luigi and how he's green. (Green ALWAYS beats red)

My Mario Games

These are all the Mario Games I own.

My Game Beaten? Comments
Super Mario Galaxy Yes All Stars Collected, My FAVORITE GAME!
Mario Kart Wii Yes I like this Game
Super Paper Mario Yes Like this, But PM & TTYD are better.
Mario Party 8 Yes Star Arena Beaten, All Minigames Unlocked
Mario Super Sluggers Yes Adventure Mode Beaten, All Stadiums Unlocked
Super Smash Bros. Brawl Yes I LOVE this game!
WarioWare:Smooth Moves Yes All Minigames Unlocked
Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door Yes Yippie!
Mario Party 7 Yes All Minigames Unlocked
Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars No This game is hard to beat because of the many tough enemies.
Paper Mario Yes My favorite in the PM Series!
Super Mario Bros. No I don't play this too much.
Super Mario World Yes I like this game.
Yoshi's Story Yes Yoshis are AWESOME!
New Super Mario Bros. Yes 100% Complete (3 Stars)
Mario Kart 64 Yes WHEEE!
Mario Party DS Yes Story Mode Beat, Minigames Unlocked
Yoshi's Island DS Yes This game is fun.
Wario: Master of Disguise Yes Story Mode Beaten
Super Mario 64 DS Yes Yay!
Mario & Luigi: Partners In Time Yes I Love this game!
WarioWare: Touched! Yes Touch!
Yoshi Topsy-Turvy Yes All Egglings Rescued
Warioware: Twisted! Yes All Minigames Unlocked
DK: King of Swing No Swinging is fun!
Mario Pinball Land Yes This is weird...
Mario Golf: Advance Tour ??? Go, Golf!
Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3 No I'm in Dark Land.
Mario Party Advance Yes All Minigames Unlocked, Shroom City beaten
Mario vs. Donkey Kong Yes I like it!
Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga Yes I LOVE RPGs!

Articles That I've Made

These are all of the articles that I've made.

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These are the PipeProjects I'm working on.


  • Sections I've Made:47
  • Pages I've Made:9
  • Edits I've Made:540

My Licenses

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Wish List

My Userbox

Here's My Userbox. Feel free to be my friend. Go Ahead. DO IT!!!