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Birdo returns from Mario Kart: Double Dash!!, Mario Kart Wii, and Mario Kart Tour as the sole playable character included in Wave 4. Similarly to Yoshi and Shy Guy, Birdo has nine different colors. She is a mediumweight driver and has identical statistics to Peach, Daisy, and Yoshi. Birdo's alternate colors are named after the Mario Kart Tour variants, taking the form of "Birdo (color)" as opposed to "color Birdo", which Yoshi and Shy Guy's color variations use. Birdo's horn sound resembles the sound she makes when spitting out an egg in Super Mario Bros. 2.
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BJAODN fanon entries

Some entries on BJAODN cover fanon subjects. Should probably find some examples so they could be put in a fanon category.

Robot (Donkey Kong Country television series)

Species Robotic Kong
First appearance Donkey Kong Country - "The Big Switch-a-Roo" (2000)
I'm a metal head, a metal head, a metal head, a metal head
I'm a metal head, a metal head, a metal head, a METAL HEAD!
Donkey Kong, "The Big Switch-a-Roo"

A robot built by Cranky Kong appears in the Donkey Kong Country episode "The Big Switch-a-Roo". The robot has a Kong-like appearance with a toaster on its head. This robot is built for Bluster to help make barrels for him. After Donkey Kong arrives at Cranky's Cabin (after jumping out of Funky's plane), one of Cranky's brain transfer helmets lands on the robot's head. Later, DK attempts to mimic Klump by wearing one of the brain transfer helmets, accidentally pressing the button on the helmet when saluting, causing his and the robot's "brain" to switch, though DK does not notice this. Cranky and Bluster soon discover this while the former searches for him. Bluster decides to use the robot, DK's body, to make barrels. However, his plan goes poorly as the robot quickly presses the buttons at Bluster Barrelworks. It appears to be literal-minded as it attempts to snap his neck after he claims it is a "pain in the neck."

DK (while in the robot's body) eventually finds Diddy, explaining his predicament to him in a song. They both return to Cranky, realizing that DK's original body is gone, working for Bluster. Klump and Krusha eventually arrive at the cabin, with DK attempting to fight them. However, Krusha breaks his head off, and Cranky cannot fix it. Bluster and the robot in DK's body return to the cabin after the Kongs (with Diddy holding the head of the robot that DK's brain is in) leave to raid K. Rool's hideout. The robot is then under Klump's control while in Candy's body. Both K. Rool and Krusha return to see this, though K. Rool finds it useless, telling it to "go make a barrel." The robot attempts to make a barrel with K. Rool in it, trapping him. The Kongs then arrive back, and eventually, DK returns to his original body. Bluster demands a refund for the robot, stating it to be "dumber than DK."