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Depiction of PanchamBro from August 21, 2023.
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Gender Male
Joined February 17, 2013
Service Editor
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Hey, it's me PanchamBro. I'm an artist, as well as a wiki editor here, occasionally here to contribute.

I've been on this site for over 10 years already since February 17, 2013 (if we disregard the nearly seven year jail period between February 19, 2014 to January 5, 2021), and a lot has changed from the first time I came to edit here to now. Either you knew me as MarioProject23, The Zombie Bros., or Pinkie Pie, names that I feel ashamed of having to be honest.

Though my interest in the Mario franchise has waned over the years, I still appreciate and like the characters in the franchise, especially as the Mario series was my childhood with games like Super Mario Galaxy. I'm also the writer for "NIWA News" and "That NIWA List" in The 'Shroom, so check me out there if you will.

I'm available at other wikis as PanchamBro (for Fandom, I'm known as SansUT1), and social media as well. For more information on the list of wikis I'm involved in, check out my page here. You can also find on Super Mario Boards occasionally. Additional contact info, such as links to my Tumblr and Twitter, can be found on Carrd.

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