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My Favorite Mario Party Media and Music

Best minigame records (Mario Party series)

Mario Party 3

Minigame no. Minigame Initial record Your best time
4-Player minigames
1   Water Whirled 1'00"00 Unrecorded (not unlocked)
2   Rockin' Raceway 1'00"00 Unrecorded (not unlocked)
2-vs-2 minigames
1   Cosmic Coaster 1'00"00 Unrecorded (not unlocked)
2   Pump, Pump and Away 100 yards (NTSC-U)/metres (NTSC-J, PAL) Unrecorded (not unlocked)
Duel minigames
  Bowser Toss 10.00 yards (NTSC-U)/metres (NTSC-J, PAL) Unrecorded (not unlocked)
Rare minigames
1 ??? ??? ?'??"?? Unrecorded (not unlocked)
2 ??? ??? ?'??"?? Unrecorded (not unlocked)