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Cherrybomb444's Userbox Tower
A Bob-omb walking from Super Princess Peach.
An animated Yoshi's egg from Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island.
Artwork of Monty Mole from Mario Super Sluggers (also used in Mario Kart Tour and Super Mario Party)
Artwork of Mario from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.
File:Luigi 57.png
Code geass zero.jpg
General bob-omb.JPG
Mecha- Boss Unit.PNG
Shy Guy
Nintendo GameCube console & controller
Artwork of Mr. L from Super Paper Mario
F ThatsMamaLum fb9046e.gif
Red Nintendo logo (1985-2008): In 1985, the signature red logo was introduced with the release of the Nintendo Entertainment System. It was used for the international markets, with the exception of Japan and Southeast Asia.
Sprite of the Super Appeal badge in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.
Unused animation of Lemmy Koopa in Super Princess Peach
Artwork of Ludwig von Koopa from Super Mario Bros. 3
PaperMario Items IcedPotato.png
A sprite of a Star Point.
File:Tennis Guy.jpg
A Coin Spinning in New Super Mario Bros.
Bowser's side.gif
DIE Sir Grodus.gif
Black Yoshi Move.gif
An idle animation of Midbus from Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story
Bleach yoruichi 1173741375.jpg
File:Psp small.jpg
Pokémon SoulSilver!
Cackletta's laughing sprite from Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga
File:Kool aid.PNG
A personal signature image for me!
Dark Bowser
Mario you phail.gif
CG Girl 34 by iDNAR.jpg

Hi it's Cherrybomb444, welcome to my page. Please read as much as you like.

A Bob-omb walking from Super Princess Peach.

Cherrybomb 444A Bob-omb walking from Super Princess Peach.

Who's online: Jude da Dude, Blhte, ArdaOnayOzcan2009, GlobinGoblin, Koopa con Carne, Mariuigi Khed, Nightwicked Bowser, LostCause1118, Delsait, Blueyoshisrc, Somethingone, Yoshi155, InotAndrew, EleCyon, Yoshifanboyonmariowiki, Mjhenry83, Prpro=03, Ch4r135


“I hate it when people sneak...unless I'm doing the sneaking!”
Larry Koopa, Do the Koopa
“At last,... my time has come!!!”
Larry Koopa, Gopher Bash
“I like your Big Bang Theory, King Dad!”
Larry Koopa, Never Koop a Koopa
“Don't just help him, stand there.”
Larry Koopa, Gopher Bash
“Would you care to do battle with my lovely music sheets?”
Melody Pianissima, Luigi's Mansion
“Take a shot it doesn't matter I'm still going to win.”
Slim Bankshot, Luigi's Mansion
“HOT! OH VERY HOT! You! You're making it too HOT!”
Sir Weston, Luigi's Mansion
“Tee hee hee hee! Welcome to Shy Guy's Shop. Too bad I'm not gonna sell anything to you, Mario!”
Shy Guy, Paper Mario
“Oh no... Poor me...”
Shy Guy, Paper Mario
“Run! Run for it!”
Shy Guy, Paper Mario
“Waaah! Help me!”
Shy Guy, Paper Mario
“Ok, guys! All together now! Let's rush him! Chaaaaarge!!!”
Shy Guy, Paper Mario
“We're gonna lose!! Oh, no! We've gotta run!”
Shy Guy, Paper Mario
“Yes, sir!!!!!”
Shy Guy, Paper Mario
  • "That's Prince Hugo the Huge! The new ruler of Giant Land! They say he's the biggest, toughest, bravest prince ever! Even for a giant, he's a giant." - Sneaky Lying Cheating Giant Ninja Koopas
  • "Yeah, and they're gonna pick you to be their leader! Isn't that always the way? Treat people lousy, dump garbage on their heads and they'll follow you anywhere!" - Recycled Koopa
  • "Have a good time! Have a nice day! Sayonara! So long! Ciao! See you later, alligator! Ciao! Bon voyage! Hasta la vista! Be sure to write!" - Send in the Clown
  • "Let's do an ambush..." - Do the Koopa
  • "You're a royal pain!!! And we need you'r cage for our prisoners!!!" - Sneaky Lying Cheating Giant Ninja Koopas



Also my favorite Kart is The Quacker.


Art Gallery

Favorite Mario Video Games

  1. Paper Mario: the Thousand Year Door
  2. Super Mario 64 (for both N64 and DS)
  3. Luigi's Mansion
  4. Mario Kart Double Dash
  5. Super Mario Sluggers

Favorit Non-Mario Video Games

  1. PSO Ep. 1&2- It is classic and fun, get it, get it, GET IT (platform:Game Cube)
  2. Need for Speed: Carbon- It is a racing game that is really fun what else can I say. (platform:PSP)
  3. Dissidia Final Fanasy- It is where all the Final Fantasy (with the exception of XIII) come together for ONE FINAL EPIC BATTLE between good and evil. Cosmos the goddess of harmony and Chaos the god of destruction battle it out, with there ten warrior to decide the fate of the world. GET IT! (platform:PSP)
  4. Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core- There is only one playable character, but the story is so amazing it's hard to stop playing. (platform:PSP)
  5. Halo 3- It's like a hardcore "shoot 'em up" game except more science fiction like. I love the fact that you can mix and match different armors. (platform:Xbox 360)

Favorite Nintendo Characters

1. Larry Koopa File:Larry NSMBWii.png

2. Waluigi BioWaluigi.jpg

3. Magikoopa KamekSMGI.PNG

4. Dark Bones 150px-PMTYDDarkbones.jpg

Pennington.PNG 5. Pennington the Penguin

Favortie Non Nintendo Characters

1. Nnoitra Jiruga b309-3.jpg

2. Yoruichi Sihoin yoruichi-from-bleach.jpg

3. Steamboat Willie Disney_SteamboatWillie_2.jpg

4. Zack Fair My_Zack_Fair_Cosplay_by_VampireWing.jpg

5. Roxas KH2_Artwork_Roxas.jpg

Cool Videos

Great Match Ups

If you want to leave a comment about it, leave it on my talk page.

Here is a fairly good match up, because a chain chomp couldn't attack a paratroopa unless the paratroopa got to close. But the paratroopa couldn't attack a chain chomp unless it dropped a huge bolder on the chain chomp, and I don't think a paratroopa could lift a huge bolder. So it all comes down to would the chain chomp eventually get tired of trying or would the paratroopa get tired of flying, so it is really a tie.

This is definitely a great match up, two incredible characters. Larry Koopa being extremely awesome, and Sir Grodus being evil and powerful. Lets see how they fight, Larry has a spiked tennis racquet, he can spit fire, and he's extremely smart, cunning, and clever. Sir Grodus has an army of weak little midget people, but he's pretty strong himself. But still Larry Koopa wins, because he'll think ahead being how clever he is, and he's just plain awesome.

It may not be an amazing match up, but its definitely a weird one. You see, Banjo isn't from nintendo, and Blaze is from Sega (this may be a nintendo based wiki, but don't be haten, don't eat hater tots). Now, Banjo is a bear with super strength, and a real bear could maul a real cat. But Blaze ain't your average cat, speed, fire, (I think) and when she gets those soul emeralds she is invincible. So sorry Banjo Kazooie fans, Blaze the Cat would win,

They are both Final Fantasy characters (actually they are jobs), but they both made a special appearance on Mario Hoops 3-on-3. Now any final fantasy fan would know a black mage uses magic to hurt, and a white mage heals. The black mage would attack and the white mage would heal his/her self, though the black mage would attack first so he/she would lose all there energy first so The White Mage would win, because he/she would have their energy last longer.

My Userbox

This is my userbox to put in your tower. Feel free to use it.

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A Bob-omb walking from Super Princess Peach.