Toad Tote

Toad Tote
Toad Tote.png
Appears in Super Princess Peach
Info Use the stylus to get Toad to the goal in time…and don't get burned!
Time limit 99 seconds
Music track Toad Tote
Prize See prizes
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Toad Tote is one of the three minigames in Super Princess Peach. The player can unlock the minigame before completing Fury Volcano 4-1.


In this minigame, the player must use the stylus to move Toad around, guiding him through a fiery maze. The player will lose the minigame if they run out of time or let Toad touch the fire or spikes. There are ten levels of increasing difficulty, with improving rewards as the player progresses. Obstacles in this minigame include fire walls, Fire Bars, and flamethrowers. The color of the fire also changes from level to level, between red, green, blue, and purple.

The difficulty levels and the number of coins they reward at the end are as follows:

  • Lv1: 10 coins
  • Lv2: 20 coins
  • Lv3: 30 coins
  • Lv4: 40 coins
  • Lv5: 50 coins
  • Lv6: 60 coins
  • Lv7: 70 coins
  • Lv8: 80 coins
  • Lv9: 90 coins
  • Lv10: 100 coins

Names in other languagesEdit

Language Name Meaning
Japanese キノピオキャリー
Kinopio Kyarī
Toad Carry

Spanish ¡Tosta Toad!
Toad Toaster!