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The 'Shroom

The 'Shroom Spotlight

Shroom Spotlight Poochy.png

Welcome to The 'Shroom Spotlight!

This is a monthly 'Shroom section which places the "spotlight" on a small group of pages which are selected from various maintenance categories (such as rewriting an article, or adding more images). Due to the project's broard coverage, there is always a good choice of focuses which appeals to everyone's interests and abilities. Progress on improving these articles are reviewed in the following month's edition, and a new group of articles are selected.

Please check out our current Spotlight edition!

Project coverage

'Shroom Spotlight editions usually focus on six different pages, each requiring a specific sort of improvement. Single article focuses have been covered in the past, and may still be done upon requests by readers.

The following improvement categories are currently covered by the Spotlight project:

Wanted article
Any articles which still need to be created.
Stub article
Articles or sections which are very short, and lacking vital information.
Rewrite required
Poorly written pages which require revising.
Rewrite and expansion required
Pages which require a rewrite, as well as an expansion to cover missing information.
Long trivia section
All trivia sections should only contain miscellaneous and notable information which does not fit elsewhere within the article. Trivia should be incorporated into other article sections when applicable.
Image requested
Articles which require at least one image to illustrate the subject.
Articles that need more images
Articles which already have at least one image, although more are required.
Image quality requested
Images which are currently of very poor quality.
Media requested
Articles which require at least one media file.
Articles that need more media
Articles which already have at least one media file, although more are required.
Citation needed
Articles which contain information requiring a valid reference.

Contact us

Have any questions or feedback about the Spotlight? Would you like to suggest a focus for our next edition? If you have a forum account, please post in our dedicated project topic. Alternatively, feel free to use the project's talk page. If you would prefer to contact members of management individually, then please use the links provided below:

Formation of The 'Shroom Spotlight

The 'Shroom Spotlight project all started with an idea from Xzelion (talk), who first brought it up among the wiki staff members in April, 2011. Originally referred to as "Wiki Game of the Month", it was proposed that this new project could focus on improving articles relating to a game which has already been released for some time, aiming to recreate the rush of activity from users who were covering content for the newest game releases. At the time, the PipeProjects system was the main method of forming new user collaborations, although it was understood that such projects weren't always successful in gaining widespread input from users. To attract ongoing community engagement, it was suggested that this new monthly project should have its own section within The 'Shroom community paper.

“Having it be part of the 'Shroom will give it a basis in the community. Part of the reason that PipeProjects don't work so well is that they aren't big enough - they don't 'boom'.”
Marioguy1, April 2011

After deciding on "The 'Shroom Spotlight" as a project title, it was planned that the monthly section was to be co-ordinated by the wiki staff, and users were initially able to sign up to show their interest in contributing to the project. Early editions focused only on a specific game every month, and readers were invited to collaborate on improving the articles lacking in content which are related to that game. Today, Spotlight covers a very broad selection of articles in each edition, with each focus normally coming from a different maintenance category.

Screenshot of Fawful standing in the spotlight, from Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga
The Spotlight Lakitu seen in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga became the official symbol of the project in June, 2013.
Management timeline
  • April 2011: The Spotlight project was founded by Xzelion (talk) and managed by Marioguy1 (talk), with the first edition appearing in the May 2011 special edition of The 'Shroom. Due to lack of user participation, the section was soon abandoned after appearing in three 'Shroom editions.
  • April 2013: The project was relaunched with Shokora (talk) as the new manager, who introduced several changes to how the Spotlight is run.
  • January 2014: After writing eight editions of Spotlight, Shokora stepped down from his management position, and nominated Yoshi876 (talk) and GBAToad (talk) to co-manage the project as his successors.
  • September 2014: GBAToad resigned from his co-management position, although he still co-wrote for some 'Shroom special issues.
  • July 2016: Shokora rejoined the Spotlight management team, and the first Spotlight section co-written by Shokora and Yoshi876 appeared in the August 2016 edition of The 'Shroom.
  • December 2017: Shokora resigned as co-manager. Yoshi876 once again took on the role of sole manager.
  • August 2020: Alex95 (talk) joined with Yoshi876 as co-manager.
  • April 2022: Alex95 was removed from co-management. Yoshi876 once again took on the role of sole manager.
  • September 2023: RHG1951 (talk) joined as a Spotlight manager.
  • December 2023: Yoshi876 stepped back into a Staff Consultant position, with RHG1951 becoming sole manager.

Project archives

Edition Focuses
Issue L Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
Issue LI Super Mario Galaxy
Issue 64 Super Mario 64
Issue LXXIII Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga
Issue LXXIV Beanbean Kingdom, Goombario, Donuts and Eggs, Gearmo
Issue LXXV WarioWare: Smooth Moves
Issue LXXVII Bessie Bass's Battleship, Big Bungee Piranha's Lair, Glide Guys Take to the Skies, Let There Be Light!, The Cave That Never Ends, The Goonie Coast Isn't Clear
Issue LXXVIII Dusty Dune Galaxy, F.L.U.D.D., Mystic Forest, Gritzy Caves
Issue LXXIX Krow, Giga Bowser, Takashi Tezuka, Pillow Fight
Issue LXXX Bad Rap, Mario Party, Spooky Attic, Use the Magnet to Get Rich Quick!
Issue LXXXI Slip Slidin' Away, Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games, Koopa Klaus
Issue LXXXII Densetsu no Starfy 3, Wish, Dreadnought Galaxy, Jarvis, File:Hiroji Kiyotake Mii.png, Chet (Mario Tennis: Power Tour)
Issue LXXXIII Jungle Hijinks, Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D, Banana, Donkey Kong Land, File:Acrobatic Banana.PNG, Mt. Dynamite Remix
Issue LXXXIV Magma Castle, Yoshi, Yoshi's Island (location), Yoshi's Cookie, File:Yoshi'sSafariBox.png, Ball Yoshi
Issue LXXXV Picross 2, List of Luigi's Mansion beta elements, Itty Bits, Ice Block, File:Alienshyguys.JPG, Design
Issue LXXXVI Toad Highlands, Crystal Cup, Mario Golf (series), Rough, File:Diddy Kong MGTT.png, Elf's Short Course
Issue LXXXVII The Cave, WarioWare D.I.Y., Buzzy Beetle, Super Mario Bros.: Peach-hime Kyūshutsu Dai Sakusen!, File:Speedyspirit1.jpg, Sinking Feeling (minigame)
Issue LXXXVIII Bowser Castle 4, Mario Kart (series), Mario Kart Arcade GP, Ramp, Tilt-a-Kart, Mario Kart 7, File:Mk8larry.png, Rainbow Cup
Issue LXXXIX Jet Wario, Bowser in the Fire Sea, Cellar (Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon), Pi'illo, Lord Crump, Keeper Catch
Issue XC Warp Pipe, Magic Paintbrush, Hot Foot, Poochy, File:1-UpMushroomNSMB2.png, Lost Mangroves
Issue XCI The Forest, Peach (item), Little Mac, Princess Zelda, Assist Trophy, Iridescent Glint Beetle
Issue XCII Lady Lima, World 4 (Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels), Red Paragoomba, Ghostly Galaxy, Yoshi Lake, Petilil
Issue XCIII Flame (enemy), World 5-1 (New Super Mario Bros.), Gleam Glacier, File:Mushrooma.png, Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games (Nintendo DS), Cryogonal
Issue XCIV Goomba Biker Gang, The Bitlands, Green Yoshi, File:Mtobirdocostume.png, Boo Woods, Pyrosphere (stage)
Issue XCV Tippi, Poltergust 3000, Toy Express, File:Pokey head.jpg, Mario Tennis Open Mii Gear, Prison Key
Issue XCVI Mario Party Fushigi no Korokoro Catcher, Coin Cache, Endurance Alley, File:Gameball.jpg, Utter Nonsense
Issue XCVII Super Mario World, Flower Fields, Golf, File:Badminton Doubles.JPG, The Mark of Zero, Zip-Line Shrine
Issue 100 Green Yoshi, Poochy, Ukiki, Takashi Tezuka, Rainbow Cup, Super Mushroom, Kremling, Scrapbook, Mushroom Park, Kung Fu
Issue 101 Kootie Pie Rocks, Club Nintendo (rewards program), Baby Wario, George Washingtoad, Lanky Kong, Snowboard Slopestyle
Issue 102 File:NSMB Blooper Sprite.png, Sacred Cylinder of Cheese, Mount Must Dash, Ski Lift Leap, Watch the Skies, George Washington Slept Here
Issue 103 File:MiiBYWerehog.jpg, Shiftier Boo Mansion, Ghost Rider, The Koopas Are Coming! The Koopas Are Coming!, Wario, Ashley's Creepy Crew
Issue 104 File:Bitsize Candy.jpg, Peach's Bedroom, Coin Edit, Toy Time Galaxy, Volcannon, Amsterdam
Issue 105 File:PDSMBE-YellowWarpPipeIn.png, Pyramid, Superstar Road, Nintendo 3DS, Everfrost Peak, World 5 (Yoshi's Woolly World)
Issue 106 File:1500metres.JPG, AR Games, Jet the Hawk, Dreamy Bowser, Jessica Chisum, World Coin-4 (New Super Mario Bros. U)
Issue 107 File:TLoF-OoT Mario3.jpg, Lucario, Rolling Ride Run, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, Crab (character), Snot Bomb
Issue 108 Mario's Cap, Shadoo, Plane, Quest for Pizza, Fire and Ice, Worm Food
Issue 109 Sunshine Airport, Grandmaster Galaxy, Drift, Stilt Guy, Shrub Hubbub, Frosty Fruits
Issue 110 The Super Mario Bros. Super Show, The Great Gold Coin Rush, Stove Canyon, Toy Field, Shy Guy Limbo, NAMCO Circuit
Issue 111 Janbi, Fort Francis, Skeleton Goonie, Roy's HardBrick Hotel, Koopa Troopa, File:Ruffin' Tumble Patch.jpg
Issue 112 Gigantic Seasick Wreck, Co M.C., Super Mario Bros. 1, 2, 3, Hop! Step! Jump!, Waluigi Pinball (course), File:Kikaandbobwegee.jpg, Volcano Shot
Issue 113 Goal, Fall, Which-Way Labyrinth, Yoshi Platform, File:NSMBU Three Dry Bones Screenshot.png, Snifberg the Unfeeling
Issue 114 Mushroom Park, Spirit Ball, Pi'illo Island, Daytripper, Kart, High Tide Rise
Issue 115 Switch Shock Circus, Ghostly Galaxy, Ghost Valley 3, Doopliss, Dead-End Space, File:Pest Control.jpg
Issue 116 Keep Walking, Lake Shore Paradise, Shiny Goomba, Starbeans Cafe, Mama Saw, Mario of the Deep
Issue 117 Sumo Robots!, World Star-2, Speed Skating, Shivering Mountains, Mario Party 3, Blockstopper!, Vanilla Lake 1, File:Climate control.png, Super Smash Bros., Super Mario 3D Land
Issue 118 Trampoline Shy Guy, Shock Bomb, Magical Map, TNT Barrel, Shiny Dry Bones, File:YoshiBirdieAT.jpg
Issue 119 Criss Kross Cliffs, Web Woods (Donkey Kong Country 2 Diddy's Kong Quest), Necky Nutmare, Tanked Up Trouble, Poochy and Nippy, Gallery:Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, File:YWW Flooff.jpg
Issue 120 Wall Jump, Super Mario Sunshine, Bookend, Cruiser Crossing the Rainbow, Delfino Plaza, File:Gate Planet .png
Issue 121 Apple Thief, Meteor Melee, Beldam, The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! episodes featuring Mouser, Present Box, Popple
Issue 122 Balance Beam, Wormhole, Shroob Missile, Bonus Star, Leslie Swan, Spray Fish
Issue 123 Goombas (microgame), The Sweet Stuff, Wario, WarioWare, Inc., File:Brute.jpg, Gallery:Wario World
Issue 124 Monopoly Gamer, Large Coin, Twilight Town, Yellow Yoshi, File:Ninji SMR.png, Go! Go! Morphing!
Issue 125 Coins Galore, Koopa Troopa, Sphinx (character), Tanooki Mario, File:DryBonesKart.PNG, Psystrike
Issue 126 Poochy Hut, Skillit, Diamond Police, Airship's Revenge, File:YWW Big Frame Boo.jpg, Burrow
Issue 127 Tale of the Spirit of Fright, Monster Mixer, Tubba Blubba, Broozers and Barrels, File:Mario Seek.png, Luigi's Mansion Arcade'
Issue 128 Fruit (minigame), Ruins Key (Super Paper Mario), Beldam, Silky, Neon Heights, Gold Fuzzy
Issue 129 Penguin Chow, Chill 'n' Char Island, Eddie the Mean Old Yeti, Sherbet Land (world), Star (Mario Party series), Gallery:Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze
Issue 130 Level 1-2, Rescue Squad V, Mario Bros. (stage), Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam, File:NSMBW Chain Chomp Artwork.png, Ice Mario (Super Mario Galaxy)
Issue 131 Snot Bomb, Character Coin, Propeller Mushroom, Surfing Minigame, File:MiiBRJet.jpg, Game Over
Issue 132 Canoeing, Crazy Kong, Red Flagpole, Superball, File:Subwarine.jpg, Klepto
Issue 133 World 1-1 (Super Mario Land), Mini Mr. Mini, Lakitu Valley, Goop Generator, File:NSMBU Yoshi Flagpole.png, Tap-Tap
Issue 134 Masterpiece (microgame), Toadstool Castle, Spike Trap, Laki, File:SM64 Screenshot - Star Door.png, Block Star (Mario Party series)
Issue 135 Tony Rosato, Luigi, List of Luigi quotes, Paper Luigi, :File:NSMBWiiTC-F24-Front.png, Marrakech
Issue 136 List of regional coins in the Luncheon Kingdom, Paper Kamek, Cloud Strife, Training Barrel, File:Smiley Bomb.PNG, Invincible Mario
Issue 137 Wii Menu, Klevar, Figure Skating, Giant Gate, File:YNI Hootie the Blue Fish.png, Papercraft
Issue 138 Sumo Slap Stick, Living Room Rally, Victory Parade, Nintendo 64DD, File:Going after Guppy.png, Kingdom of Bask
Issue 139 Luigi 1, Secret of the Inverted Pyramid, Black Chest Demon, Paper Dry Bones, File:Yoshi and Grim Leecher.png, List of Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam pre-release and unused content
Issue 140 Megafruit Paradise, The Plain, Francis, Big Daddy, :File:Ring Planet Lava.jpg, Regional coin
Issue 141 Bobsledding Peaks, Fire Breath, Vanilla Lake 2, Char-char, :File:PMTTYD luigi in audience.jpg, Snowball Valley
Issue 142 Bowser's Castle X, Grinding-Stone Tower, Piper (Paper Mario: Color Splash), Sweet Sweet Galaxy, Sticker (Paper Mario: Sticker Star), File:BlueBulletBill SMS.png
Issue 143 Cowabunga?, Speed Golf, Dragoneel's Undersea Grotto, Venus Flower Trap, Mushroom Bridge, File:RockCandyMines1.jpg
Issue 144 Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker Fun Quiz, King Bob-omb's Powderkeg Mine, Paper-Cone Goomba, Quicksand, Mushroom City, File:Paper bowser jr..png
Issue 145 Omega-onion, King Kaliente's Battle Fleet, Yarn Block, Unfurl Block, Asako Kozuki, File:Dice Block MP6.png
Issue 146 Pyramid Land, Lakitu Valley, Lakeside Park, Spiny Desert, Shy Guy Tower, File:Grand Goomba 64.png
Issue 147 More Shocking Than the Next Episode?, Piranha Grove, Hot Lips, Brawl Doll, Water Land, File:ToadBiddybuggy.png
Issue 148 Beach Burt, Miss Endless, Roy (Fire Emblem), Pom Pom, Chaos, File:Yoshifurystrike.jpg
Issue 149 United Kingdom Quiz!, Poison Canal Cannon Run, 10-Coin, Red Balloon, Cute Tail Fail, File:Green Rabbit.png
Issue 150 Blown Away (microgame), Swiss Cheese Alps, Dry Desert Mushrooms, Abandon Ship (minigame), Sasquatch Family, File:NSMBU Inventory.png
Issue 151 King MacFrights, Boo Valley, Scare-Oh!, Luigi's Ghost Mansion, Stone (Luigi's Mansion), File:YWW Wik.jpg
Issue 152 Windward Way, Jack Peg, Piro Dangle, Franklin Badge, Prickly Goomba, File:Blue Spike Top.png
Issue 153 Letter (Mario vs. Donkey Kong), Konga Coliseum, Spacedust Alley, Snaps, Poison Pond, File:DKCR Peaceful Pier Puzzle Piece 2.png
Issue 154 Jolly Jigsaw Holiday Puzzle Online, Fire Mountain (court), Piranha Plants on Ice, Big Penguin, Flamethrower, File:NSMBW World 9-5 Screenshot.png
Issue 155 Royal Coffers, Touchstone Turmoil, Pink Apple, Megaleg, First Strike, File:DryBowserBISBJJ.png
Issue 156 Blob & Key, Toodles, Super Mario Kart, Control Coin, Shakespeare Bust, File:DaisyBogeyWorldTour.png
Issue 157 World 3 (Dr. Mario World), Raven, Dr. Mario (game), Russ T., Sticky Situation (level), File:BC-MK7.png
Issue 158 Basic Training (challenge), Lots O'Fish, Machine Made, Rosalina, Patty (Dragon Quest), File:PM3DS nsmbw grassland.png
Issue 159 Kamek's Curse, Chomp Ruins, Pipeline Boom Lagoon, River Piranha Plant, Gold Lakitu, File:Sluggers Tornado Swing.jpg
Issue 160 World 4 (Dr Mario World), Lose the Lunge Fish, Dr. Mario (series), Dr. Mario (game), Gallery:Dr. Mario World, File:DWM - Dr Wario Art.jpg
Issue 161 Legendary Hammer, Flavio, Small Mario, e-Reader, Pepper, File:DKCR King of Cling Letter K.png
Issue 162 Ring (Sonic the Hedgehog), Kremling Dock, Floater, Nintendo DS, Kick, File:SweetDreamStoryArt.jpg
Issue 163 Beneath the Keep, Boo Buddies, Mini Boo, Bone Thwomp, Bat (Super Mario Galaxy), File:SM3DW Shifty Boo Mansion Icon.png
Issue 164 Michael Stark, Mute, Underground Pokey Control, Stop & Go Barrel, List of Paper Mario: Sticker Star glitches, File:AMusterofMasks.png
Issue 165 Jumping Boots, Princess Shroob, Button (Mario & Luigi series), Toadsworth, Star Hill, File:M&LPIN Elder Shrooboid UFO.png
Issue 166 Shiny Ice Flower, Nintendo Village, Frozen Wario, Sneeze, Please!, Bluey's Course, File:BulletBill1upBounce.jpg
Issue 167 Paper Mushroom, Patty (Dragon Quest), Dragoon, Falco Lombardi, Fortune Street, File:SSE Skyworld.png
Issue 168 Theme (Donkey Kong), Mario Discovery (series), Burt The Bashful's Fort, Spore Chomp, Yoshi's Island (golf course), File:Baby Daisy Mario Super Sluggers.png
Issue 169 ...Surprise!, Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins, Hoohoo Mountain, Gold Banzai Bill, Spaceport Alpha, File:BeanstalkWay.png
Issue 170 House of Riddles, Kelsey Hutchinson, Kremling Crew, Dragon Coin, Stage 2 (DK: Jungle Climber), File:StarCarnival2.png
Issue 171 Maybi, Octoomba, Count Bleck, Funky's Store, Purloined Parts, File:NoCashDash.jpg
Issue 172 Mobile, Goonie, Water Geyser, Spiky Tyre Trail, Masayoshi Ishi, File:SMRPG Magmus art.jpg
Issue 173 Rookie Course, Molten Bowser, Princess Daisy (film character), Luigi's Mansion, DK: Jungle Climber, File:ERA quiz card.jpg
Issue 174 Iceburn Circuit, Gold Goomba, Wobbly Bobbly, Super Mario Galaxy, Mexico City, Konga Coliseum
Issue 175 Dark Chao, Professor Elvin Gadd, The Enigmansion, Mr. Luggs, File:ZombigGuy.jpg, Fang
Issue 176 Yasuaki Iwata, Danny Wells, Nintendo Entertainment System, Special Attack (Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games), File:Birdo Mario Golf artwork.jpg, Green Glove
Issue 177 Bowser Highlands, Mario Golf: Super Rush, Ridgerock Lake, Bonny Greens, File:MGSR Electric Statue.png, Yoshi Desert
Issue 178 Power Ball, Joy, Ride the Blarggwich, Red Coin Field, File:SMRPG Chomp Chomp art.jpg, DK Rap
Issue 179 Yuka Tsujiyoko, The Great Gold Coin Rush, List of references in animated television, List of Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition characters, File:PeachFryingPanSmash.jpg, Crystal Caves
Issue 180 All-Star Summit, Nintendo, Prince Bully, Sonic the Hedgehog, File:BeanstalkWaySub2.png, Ella
Issue 181 Vegas Trip, Piranha Grove, Harry Hedgehog's Labyrinth, Metro Kingdom, File:BIS Fawflopper Prima.png, Toad
Issue 182 Shiny Hurlhammer, Junior Clown Car, Crystal Banana, Super Mario 3D Land, File:Daisy swings club MGTT screenshot.jpg, Penguin Mario
Issue 183 Fishing spot, Shifting Sands, Nintendo GameCube, Lava Dome, File:SMS Artwork Wind Spirit.png, Il Piantissimo
Issue 184 Ice Banana Bunch, Yoshi's Crafted World, Ground Theme (Super Mario Bros.), Kidnapped Components, File:RuinedZoo.PNG, Toy Tank
Issue 185 Boo's Treasure Chest!, Sombrero, Slidebrella, World 2-3 (Super Mario 3D Land), File:DropBlock.png, File:YCW Egg Plant.png
Issue 186 Amsterdam Diamond Center, Donkey Kong, Web, Flopside, File:M&LDT Hint Command Block.png, Party Host
Issue 187 Vampdash, Ghost Castle, Spooky Scraps! Don't Get Spooked!, Boo Ball, File:Golden Goob Newspaper.png, Paranormal Dimension
Issue 188 Wild Ball, Molten Bowser, Retry Clock, Waddlewing, File:Diddy DK64 back.jpg, Mario Tennis (Nintendo 64)
Issue 189 Stalagmite, Guinness World Records, Hot Fraun, Icicle, File:NSLU Ice-Slide Expressway Screenshot.png, The Legend of Zelda × Mario Kart 8
Issue 190 Teleport Flag, Merfle (character), Para Beetle Challenge, Goomba's Shoe, File:BlueYoshiMG.png, Shy Guy Ship
Issue 191 Legendary hero, Cloud Cruising, Tutti Frutti, oh Mario, Minecraft, File:Doopliss.png, Dixie Kong
Issue 192 Super Golf Stadium, Blargg's Boiler, Lakitu's Cloud, Lip Sync, File:NSMBU Sumo Bro Screenshot.png, 3DS Piranha Plant Slide
Issue 193 Chute, Score, Jakks Pacific, Imposter, Bowser's Kingdom, File:CatMarioSM3DW.png, Crocodile Cauldron
Issue 194 Juliet Jelenic, Starship Mario (board), Body Check, Cheep Cheep Falls, File:Buzzy Beetle With Goombas.jpg, Dusty Dune Galaxy
Issue 195 ? Balloon, Refreshing Herb, Jack O'Goomba, Gear Getaway, File:LuigiMPTT100.png, Greaper
Issue 196 King Kong, Flipflap, Paper Mario: The Origami King bestiary, Golden Drink, File:PMTTYD Green Magikoopa Sprite.png, King Boo's Crown
Issue 197 Shock Block, The Game of Life: Super Mario Edition, Time Limit, Durian, File:Mario's hat MPe.png, Completion
Issue 198 Rendezvous on Ice, Pi'illodium X, Taunt, Pix Fix, File:Genie wish WLSML3.png, Poison Mushroom
Issue 199 Friend House, Bony Beetle, Blackout, Haunted Woods, File:NSMBW Scaredy Rat Screenshot.png, Safari Room
Issue 200 List of regional coins in Bowser's Kingdom, Five Coin, Buzzar, List of records in WarioWare: D.I.Y., Yoshi's Song, Jump
Issue 201 Mochitsuki Set, The Super Mario Bros. Movie, History of Princess Peach, Fluff-Puff Peaks Cabin, SNES Rainbow Road (theme), Riverside Station
Issue 202 Super Warp Block, Whirly Gate, Scale Lift, Fossil, List of references in film, Rocket Start
Issue 203 Pokipede Pass, ? Block, Point, Minecraft, File:SleepySheepAttack.png, Cackletta
Issue 204 2D Event, Timing Chain, Mushroom Kingdom, Spring Flower, List of Wii media, Recovery block
Issue 205 Yoshi Cart, Wario World, Candy's Headphones, File:Tulip.png, Danger, Missable content
Issue 206 Balloon (Mini Mario & Friends: amiibo Challenge), P Switch, Chaos Heart, Puzzle Solver, Donkey Konga: The Hottest Hits, Super Mario Bros. (film)