From the Mushroom Vaults

by Waluigi48 (talk)

Hi everybody! I have a special issue of FTMV for you today! This month, I'm going to review New Super Mario Bros. Wii!!! Yes, I bought it. Before I tell you the tips, cheats, etc. Let me give a little run through in this game. Peach gets kidnapped, AGAIN, but this time she gets kidnapped by the classic Super Mario Bros. 3 guys, the koopalings. Not only that, but Bowser Jr. gets to join in the fun. Anyway, with that said and done, let's get on to the real stuff.

Mario's Toilet

Yes, Mario does have a toilet, it's a block. To do this, you have to be Super Mario or anything higher ranked than that. Then, you need to ground found a block that gives multiple coins. Hold the down button while doing this. Mario poops coins. Enough said.

Easy 1-ups

Way 1, The Classic Way

This is like the way to do it on the DS. Go to World 2-3. When you get to the end of the level, you'll see stairs and a green Koopa. Get to the end of a step and when the koopa walk to the above step, jump and you'll bounce several times on the shell, reaching more points and then 1-ups.

Way 2, The Wii Way

This is a bit easier. I can't remember the name of the level, but I know it's on World 7 where there's pipes behind you. Anyway, when you get to the check point, walk to moving pipes, and throw a shell in the pipes, the 1-ups commence. This is easier but takes longer than Way 1. You'll probably get 10 lives before you die of time. The shell hits the multiple bullet bills and the points lead up to 1-ups.

The Effect of Too Many Lives

If you get 99 lives during a level, you will lose you cap. Mario will still think he has a cap though if you complete a level with 99 lives and you don't die once. Try it with Luigi or the Toads.

World 9

New Super Mario Bros. Wii DOES have a world 9. I don't want to spoil the surprise, so I'll give you a little hint. You need some star coins or maybe you have to complete the game. Maybe both...

Well, that's a have for this month. Next month, I'm going to review a classic fighting game, Super Smash Bros. Brawl. I'm also going to get some more info on Charles Martinet's "mystery game for 2010." Until next time, PLAY MORE VIDEO GAMES!!!!!!!!

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