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Special Interviews

<SMB> Welcome 'Shroomers, this is SMB, interviewing none other than... MG1!
<SMB> Say hello, MG1!

<mg1> Hello MG1!

<SMB> x_x
<SMB> So, we shall begin with the interroga- I mean, uh, questions!
<SMB> So, I shall begin with this: When did you join the wiki?

<mg1> I joined in early June but became active about a month later
<mg1> 51, 11 June 2009 Marioguy1 (Talk | contribs) (New user (Talk | contribs | block))

<SMB> What was the community like when you joined? What about articles? What was the quality of the articles?

<mg1> Well the community was (in my eyes anyways)
<mg1> At that time all I saw was SMB and random names
<mg1> But the wiki was generally active
<mg1> And the article quality was pretty much the same as today
<mg1> But there was under 10,000 back then

<SMB> Ah. Surely, as time went on, you met many other people... Ralphfan, Stooben, Tucky, Edofenrir, Walkazo... The list goes on.

<mg1> Yes, I quickly (two months later) learned that the community is much bigger than I thought it was
<mg1> And bigger than (almost) any community I had experienced before

<SMB> And what did you do when you became active?

<mg1> Well as soon as I became active I made little edits
<mg1> Tried expanding the MASATOG (Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games) event articles
<mg1> And I believe my first constructive edit was asking you to move the MASATOG articles to their proper names
<mg1> Let's see...I worked a bit on proposals (fixed the nosig policy) and that's pretty much it

<SMB> Ah, I see. So, once you became active, you ended up joining many projects. Awards, 'Shroom, chat, and the forum, among others. What is your role in the Awards Ceremony, and how long have you been doing presentations?

<mg1> Hahaha
<mg1> Um...the first time I had fun in the awards
<mg1> It was PMing everyone I could to find out what was happening with them
<mg1> And just seeing them
<mg1> But the next year, I had come so far that I was on the AC and I got to present ~4 awards
<mg1> As well as being one of the most active members IIRC

<SMB> You are also going t be in charge of the UP presentations again next year, yes?

<mg1> I hope so but that is up to the newly-instated Awards Director and Sub/co-director
<mg1> I will surely volunteer

<SMB> Alright. What about the MrioWiki chat? How'd you come across that, and how did you rise up to become a level 150 op on it?

<mg1> OMG long story
<mg1> The first time I came to chat
<mg1> I was there for ~30 seconds and then I was gone for about a month
<mg1> But a month later, I joined and had a whole bunch of confusion issues with #trial and #ralphchat and finally I discovered /msg ChanServ HELP
<mg1> Then I read every single help page and I now know practically every chat code there is
<mg1> And #mwchat was a dead channel when I first went there
<mg1> Nobody went and SMB told me about how he wanted it to be better
<mg1> So I suggested he force people into it
<mg1> With invites!
<mg1> It worked and a few days later I somehow became an op
<mg1> And then I was promoted to 150 during a 2-day hiatus and I was like OMGyay

<SMB> Heh, yes. :P I'm glad that plan worked, by the way. :)
<SMB> Let's see here... the forum!
<SMB> When did you join the forum, and how did you rise up to becoming a Local Mod?

<mg1> Well I joined the forum about July or something like then
<mg1> And I used it to keep track of the awards
<mg1> But then I decided I hated it and left it for a year
<mg1> When I got back
<mg1> I started liking it
<mg1> And I suggested the mafia board - it was then created and I became a local mod

<SMB> Yes, and I feel you are suited for the job.
<SMB> Now, we'll move on to a section of this interview that will be a bit longer: The 'Shroom.
<SMB> What was the first section you wrote for The 'Shroom?

<mg1> Um...Pipe Plaza's featured
<mg1> When I first saw the 'shroom
<mg1> I decided not to sign up because it was too hard
<mg1> But when Pipe Plaza came out, I decided it would be fun because I regularily updated the Pipe Plaza prior to that
<mg1> And that opened me up to the rest of the 'shroom
<mg1> And I learned that writing is sooo much fun!
<mg1> Sign-up today :D

<SMB> Nice advertising our section. ;)
<SMB> But yes, when did you start writing that section?
<mg1> About the month it began so December 2009
<SMB> Oh cool. So not too long after you joined, you became the Pipe Plaza director. What was this like?

<mg1> Well I was randomly contacted in chat by SMB and Tucky right after I signed up for Featured and they asked me if I wanted to be director
<mg1> And I was like OMP
<mg1> Because it was my first promotion on MW so I said yes :)

<SMB> Aha, yeah. :P It wasn't exactly random, though. I had become extremely swamped with stuff, and I talked to Tucky about it and he suggested that I hire a co-director. The first person we both thought about was you, and things went from there.
<SMB> What's it like being Pipe Plaza co-director? Do you enjoy the job?

<mg1> Yesyesyes
<mg1> It's thrilling being a part of the 'shroom
<mg1> There's so much stuff going on that you can never be bored
<mg1> Plus the other 'shroom staffs are great people too so it's fun being with them

<SMB> You ran for Poll Committee chairman. What was that like?

<mg1> Um...pathetic?
<mg1> I didn't do very well but at least I ran
<mg1> And I got to experience the thrill of running!

<SMB> What a good attitude. :) You made it on to the Poll Committee nonetheless, so things didn't turn out so bad anyway.
<SMB> Oh, speaking of elections:
<SMB> The 'Shroom Director Election 2010.
<SMB> You're a likely candidate. Do you plan on running?

<mg1> More and more each day!
<mg1> I probably will run because nothing bad can come out of it
<mg1> It gives me experience
<mg1> Allows me to press forth ideas I think the new director should do
<mg1> And it's fun :)
<mg1> And it's not like it will kill me to lose

<SMB> Heh. :P In that case, may the best man win!
<SMB> So, what's in your future for other things?
<SMB> Do you plan on running for Poll Chairperson in 2011?

<mg1> There's an election?
<mg1> In that case I may run
<mg1> Elections are fun IMO

<SMB> Alright. In that case, I suppose we're done. Any last comments for the viewers?

<mg1> Um...sign up for the Pipe Plaza!

<SMB> Alright folks, you've heard it!

<mg1> Au revoir tout la monde!
<mg1> Et joyeux noel!