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by SaudyTalk!

And here it is. Welcome, all. Today, I'll tackle the subjects of cursing, Featured Articles, and Stupidity.

Cursing is nasty, and there are YOUNG CHILDREN on this site. Some of you don't get that. I can't understand it. Why would you even need to use those words in the chat, or on your page, or someone's talk page. I'm not saying you should keep it to a minimum. I'm saying it should stop altogether, except in that one situation on the Donkey Kong 64 article. That's it. No other exceptions are to be made or allowed, please. Its silly. Its nasty. Its not cool. No one wants to read that stuff. DB is twelve, please give him a break from this kind of stuff.

Featured Articles. They may be returning. But in a different way than you could ever had imagined. The new system is called PAIR, or Panel for Article Improvement and Recognition. Its a nice little thing Wayoshi and I came up with that will hopefully solve all the problems we have had in the past. Its similar to peer revisions, but not entirely. For more, check out the proposals page. There is a link there from PipePlaza, is you're lazy. Its also on the sidebar, if you're even more lazy than the seven guys who just clicked the link to PipePlaza because they didn't bother to look at the link right above it.

Stupidity. I, personally, am done with it. I'm sick articles like the Three-Hit Rule. That article was awful. It had bad grammar, it was not encyclopedic in the slightest. It was silly. It was stupid. I'm glad its gone. Articles like that don't survive for a reason. You know what else is stupid? The way people always say "PipePlaza is cool, revive it!" So I go and try. And no one sticks with it but me. Without that thing you ignore, there would never have been a 'Shroom. Please give it its props.

No e-mails this month, not even a fake one. If you want one next month, send it in yourself at

"Criminals are a superstitious cowardly lot."
Batman, Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth