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The 'Shroom Spotlight

by Yoshi876 (talk) & GBAToad (talk)
Shroom Spotlight Lakitu.png

Welcome ‘Shroom readers, you may or may not be aware but this is the one year anniversary of Spotlight’s re-introduction to our paper. So we thought it fitting to have some words from our former director: YoshiKong (talk). "Hey guys... wow, has it really been a year since the Spotlight project was dusted off and made a regular section to the 'Shroom once again? Holy Heck where did that time go??! Special thanks to my mates Yoshi876 and GBAToad for taking on the director position with such commitment and enthusiasm after I decided to ditch it! Shine on 'Shroomers, and keep up the good work y'all!"

Now, we’d like to give special thanks to KP (talk) as he helped out with most of our focuses last month. Many of the focuses had their issues addressed, though Yoshi still has the rewrite template on, as does Yoshi's Island (location) and the quality for File:Yoshi'sSafariBox.png wasn’t touched. But now to introduce you to our latest focuses:

  • Picross 2 (stub) – Picross is a logic game where images have to be linked together to form another one. Hm ahkay, BUT... where the hell did all the logic run off to when some clueless bloke wrote the article?? Help us expand this stub of an effort!
  • List of Luigi's Mansion beta elements (rewrite) – The scariest thing about Luigi's Mansion isn't the ghosts. It's not the scary mansion thing, but it's the fact that the beta elements page of the game has sunk at a level low enough to be included in the bloody Spotlight!! It's littered with unsourced information and just plain bad writing and lots of other stupid stuff, so get your Poltergust and clean up the page.
  • Itty Bits (rewrite-expand) – Itty Bits is a shop in Super Paper Mario. The page has some info which expands on this insightful introduction, but the rest of it is very itty and thus is needs an expansion.
  • Ice Block (needs more images) – All the images for this article seem to have melted away. Steps for resolution: 1. Try and cup as much of the remaining liquid in your hand. 2. If you are thirsty then feel free to sparingly sip some. 3. Stick in the freezer in the ice cube container things. PS this only applies to real life ice blocks. For the article on, please add more images and stuff.
  • File:Alienshyguys.JPG (quality requested) - The quality of this image is probably the reason why aliens won't talk with us.
  • Design (Wanted pages) – In Game & Wario, Dr. Crygor's minigame Design challenges players to create a robot from scratch, but we're challenging you to design this wanted article!

And that’s all. Thanks for reading and good luck for this month’s focuses, we’ll check back next month. If you have any ideas, articles you want us to focus on, or have a complaint please either write to us or post in the forum thread.

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