The 'Shroom:Issue LXI/Character Comparison

Character Comparison

by Post-Damage Invincibility (talk)
Chunky Kong spirit from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
Artwork of Wario loafing from Mario Kart 7

Today, I am going to be making a character comparison between two Nintendo characters that I doubt many would have ever even thought about comparing. Those two are Chunky Kong and Wario. There are several ways they are very similar, and there are other areas where they differ drastically.

First off, they are both incredibly strong and powerful. For example, in Donkey Kong 64, only Chunky could lift certain metallic barrels and punch away certain boulders to clear a path for himself or other Kongs. Hopping into a Hunky Chunky Barrel makes him even bigger. As he tips the scales at 2000 pounds at his normal size, God only knows what his Hunky Chunky form weighs! In a like manner, in Super Mario 64 DS, Wario is by far the strongest of the four heros. He can smash apart black bricks that other enemies could not dream of doing. He also does the most damage to Bowser’s army with his attacks. His power to needed to fully complete the game. The Toad nearest to the entrance of the castle, while frightened and a little suspicious of Wario, admits that the heroes need his strength help prevail.

Both Wario and Chunky move slow and can’t jump high. But their Herculean strength makes them… two hell of a guys! Chunky of course, has far greater strength than Wario, but he is a gorilla, and Wario is a man. Therefore, their power is incredible for their own respective kinds. Despite his powerful arms, Wario is soft in the stomach. It is quite likely he hears the word “morbidly” a lot. He is the king of gluttons. He loves his Italian food, his rare steaks, his chicken, his garlic, and all variation of good culinary he has a taste for. And he is super-fat as a result. Chunky, on the other hand, is buff and ripped all around. He has huge abs.

Another thing they have in common is their sense of adventure. The instruction manual for DK64 says that Chunky loves smashing up and mangling Kremlings as a hobby. Wario, though lazy, is a treasure hunter by occupation. Due to his love of indolence and loafing around, Wario may not love adventuring. If he could find a way to get gold, gems, diamonds, and pearls a simpler way, then he would do precisely that, allowing him more time to stick to his junk food and his creature comforts. Alas, he must go adventuring for the treasures he adds to his castle halls, so much so he is willing to do so without fear. However, despite acts of bravery and courage from both Chunky and Wario, they have both shown fear and cowardice at times.

Neither one of them are very smart. Not in the least. In the instruction manual for DK64, the incursive Cranky describes Chunky as “not the sharpest knife in the drawer’’. But one needs only to play to game to infer that. And Wario is not exactly known for his intelligence either. They are both slow in every possible meaning of the word. However, all of the things aforementioned by me are where the similarities end.

Chunky is kind and humble and kind, plus gently inclined. Although not graceful when dancing while playing a triangle, he is meek and warm of heart (unless you are his enemy). Wario is full of avarice and greed. He is, at times, rotten to the core. I envision Chunky as being generous and selfless, while Wario I see as being self-centered, greedy and selfish. Wario is out for one person: Wario. Chunky is out for himself and his friends. I hope you all enjoyed my character comparison. See-a you next time!