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Upcoming Games

by WarioLoaf (talk)

Diddy Kong Racing DS

The North American front box art for Diddy Kong Racing DS
Diddy Kong Racing DS Box Art

Coming out Feb. 7, 2007 in the USA ; April 5, 2007 in Australia ; and unconfirmed dates to countries in between.

The confirmed Characters: Diddy Kong , Dixie Kong , Tiny Kong , Timber , Bumper , Tiptup , Pipsy , and Krunch. Sadly, Banjo and Conker aren't going to be present due to Microsoft's bid on Rare, many people knew this would happen, and the odds were in that favor, sadly. The Confirmed Unlockables are Drumstick , T.T. , Taj , and , by surprise, Wizpig!

According to all, the Gameplay is similar, with some newer features tagged to it. The silver Coin Challenge is gone, replaced with minigames and bananas are non-existent here.

Due to its questionable rocket start (You need to turn the wheel manually) and loss of classic tasks, critics are skeptical on it's success.

Wario: Master of Disguise

Wario: Master of Disguise pre-release boxart
Wario: Master of Disguise Box Art

March 5, 2007 , Wario is back to his platforming self. Whats truley known about the game is his various *disguises and his various abilities with those disguises.

Confirmed Disguises: Thief Wario , Cosmic Wario , Arty Wario , Dragon Wario , Genius Wario , Sparky Wario , Captain Wario , and Wicked Wario

For now, its reviews are positive,

IGN states "This isn't strictly a platformer. You move Wario left and right and make him jump and duck all with the D-pad. Lefties can opt to use the A, B, X and Y buttons for this functionality. Everything else is done with the stylus. You open treasure chests by tapping on-screen icons. You attack enemies and perform special skills by pointing at your intended target"

DK Bongo Blast

A race starts in the jungle stage of the E3 2006 Nintendo GameCube title, DK Bongo Blast.
Screenshot of DK Bongo Blast

To be announced sometime in 2007, there is nothing truly confirmed about the game, but some of the known characters:

Many more Kongs and such could be confirmed in the months to come.

Confirmed Items: Squawks the Parrot , a Barrel , The Crystal Coconut , a Bazooka , and a Banana Bomb

DK: King of Swing DS

To be announced sometime in 2007, it has been confirmed that it will hold it's predecessor's torch and have the same gameplay (using the L + R combo to swing).

Confirmed Characters are as follows: DK , Diddy , Dixie , and Funky

Super Paper Mario

To be announced sometime in 2007, It is known that each playable character, when in giant form, resembles an original sprite. Along with that it's also known it will have side scrolling.

Confirmed Characters: Mario , Princess Peach , Bowser , Count Bleck , Tippi , and Pixls

The logo for Mario Strikers Charged
Logo for Mario Strikers Charged

Mario Strikers Charged

April, 2007 , Super Mario Strikers ' sequel will be freed to the world.

Aside from the Confirmed bites from last month , new news about the games characters have arisen. Also, Mario and others are going to be more aggressive and the princesses are going to have more sex appeal.

A screenshot of Super Smash Bros. Brawl with rivals:Mario and Wario, duking it out

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

To be announced sometime in 2007, the most critical Wii game of the year will take flight. Besides various things said last month, a few more confirmed facts have been explored.

It has been confirmed that the main theme for Brawl was revealed in the E³ trailer and it was written by the Final Fantasy composer, Nobuo Uematsu himself! So far, Wi-Fi play is being considered and a Mario Kart stage, Mario Circuit, has also been confirmed.

The early box cover used for Mario Party 8
Current Box Art for MP8

Mario Party 8

Aside from the confirmed characters, Piantas are going to be appearing on boards also. The spaces are now huge rectangle tiles that you land on instead of small circles.

Confirmed Boards: DK's Treetop Temple , Goomba 's Booty Boardwalk , King Boo 's Haunted Hideaway , Koopa's Typhoon Town , and Bowser's Warped Vortex