The 'Shroom:Issue 175/Wahn Special 'Shroom Song

Wahn Special 'Shroom Song

Video by: Magolor04726 (talk)

Introduction by: Hooded Pitohui (talk)

Hello, all you readers of The 'Shroom, this is Hooded Pitohui, here to present a special video made by your World of Plight writer (and artist behind a few other Palette Swap sections), Magolor04726. I don't want to spoil the surprise, so, please, go on and watch the video!

Thank you, Magolor, for your contribution! It's always good to see one community member taking the time to highlight the work of another member of this community and celebrate all that they do, not to mention celebrating fifteen years of this paper! Thank you for watching. Hopefully this will inspire you to go on and give a shout-out or some thanks to members of this community you appreciate!

Mags: You aren't my usual kid you know WAHna have a bad time, let's-a go Before we start I've got to let You in on a little secret I've-a got my WAHster Blaster Gun I'll tell you before we have our fun Expecting Mags to do the rhyme?


You know what Time it's gonna be When the you see this top hatted OC With my vest, watch and fancy suit I will give all others the boot!

What's that? You've never heard of me?! But it's-a-me, WALUIGI! I founded Mushroom Kingdom Smackdown And it's time to drop the smack on all you clowns!

Running my own company All other organizations flee I'm the one who pioneered the cereal industry!

Get ready, it's time to WAH! You think you'll beat me? HAH! I will win my own mafia game- oh YEAH!

Shmaluigi, Private Investigator, When compared to other 'Shroom sections you know what is better! Stories of a sleuth sometimes starring his brother!

Welcome to the Smackdown! You better bring the pain, against your adversaries who we're definitely paying. Finally, it's Waluigi Time's turn to reign! Wah-ha-ha!

("Chorus") Waaaaaaa-aaa-aaaaa-aaaa-aaaaaaaaaaaa Waaaaaaa-aa-aaa-aaaaa-aaaaaaaaaaaaa

Oops, it's now time for Our daily 'Shroom shill. Write for our paper! It helps pay the bills! With every new section, our paper will grow Help the 'Shroom become the star of the show! To help me shill, I've brought a fellow writer Wah ha ha ha!

Mags: Hey, wait a minute I opened for you.

WT: Wah-tever. Let's shill!

You got Fun Stuff, Palette Swap, Fake News too Pipe Plaza, Strat-Wing, Critic Corner has reviews! Doomhiker, Pitohui, Zange, Roserade, Hypnotoad, Yoshi, Alex, and FunkyK! News Flush, Mach Speed Mayhem, (AND SOME?) Half-Baked Reviews, World of Plight, Hidden Koopa, and the NIWA News. Wanna write for us? Go tell Ninja Squid! It will be your best decision ever, kid! Of course, your sections must always comply To The 'Shroom:Manual of Style guidelines! With that our song ends on a shilly note Go write for the 'Shroom- take it from those who wrote! (for the 'Shroom.)

Mags: Hey, it's Mags, now before you diss, Let me say Juno had nothing to do with this But thanks for watching this joke of mine I hope you had a WALUIGI time! But to end in style, hm, let's see... In Smash we wanna see WALUIGI!

WT: Wah? That's how you're ending it?

Mags: Yeah? Something wrong with that?

WT: It's kind of... expected?

Mags: This video certainly wasn't.

WT: Maybe you could end it like, "But next in Smash, here's my bit. We really need to see YOUNG CRI-"

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