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Section of the Month

Place Section Votes % Writer
1st TV Tomorrow 36 61.02% Quizmelon
2nd Obituaries 15 25.42% Yoshi876
3rd Selling Out 6 10.17% Raregold
4th Weather Forecast 2 3.39% FunkyK38

News Report

Yoshi876 polices Isle Delfino for its latest crime.
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Entertainment Features

Quizmelon tells us what to watch on the telly.
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Written by: Yoshi876 (talk)

Delfino Police

The Delfino Police
The deceased

Ah, hello, you've caught me right in the middle of packing. Where am I going? To Delfino Island, of course. Why you ask? I decided I needed a quick holiday, and plus it turns out that the entire police force has mysteriously died, so I thought now was the best time to go on a crime spending spree.

As all of the pollution was cleaned off the island back in 2002, environmental reasons were ruled out as a cause of death, although those oceans have started getting clogged with plastic. And seeing as Bowser and Bowser Jr. have forgotten all about the island, Koopa shenanigans were also ruled out. And my attempts to call the Delfino Police were fruitless, as all my calls went through to the answering machine. It's a wonder there isn't more crime committed on the island.

The Pianta Village Mayor said that the entire police force's death was a tragedy, but my phone mysteriously hung itself up when he attempted to name each individual member of the force who died. I don't have time for that sort of stuff, I need to make jokes and puns to keep an audience around. However, as my phone did hang itself up, I did miss all funeral announcements, so expect the police force to be buried at some point in the future. Or not, who knows what Pianta tradition actually is.

Anyway, as I mentioned at the start of the beginning of this section, I'm off to commit crime pay my respects to the police force. And what better way to do that then to get a new phone, maybe one that doesn't hang itself up when people start blathering on…

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Written by: Quizmelon (talk)

TV Tomorrow’s triumphant tellings, that try to tell televisual traversers the terrific television trinkets to test, today talks tremendously to tell these televisual traversers tomorrow’s top three television trinkets. I don’t think I’m going to be able to keep that alliteration up throughout the whole introduction, unfortunately. Let’s get on with May’s top three television trinkets, televisual traversers!

Sprite of Grubba from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.
Glitz and Glory focuses on the downfall of Grubba, tomorrow at 9.30pm.

New: Glitz and Glory
MKBC1, 9.30pm
Genre: Crime dramatisation
Glitz and Glory is an excellent dramatisation of the infamous Glitz Pit scandal, known as Glitzgate. This first episode focuses on the arrival of Mario, a central figure in uncovering the scandal, to the Glitz Pit, and the whole scandal will unfold over a six-episode series, which is both accurate and very well-crafted.

A replay where Toadsworth is visible in Mario Superstar Baseball
Baby Luigi and Toadsworth play baseball on The Way The World Works, on MKBC2 at 9 pm.

The Way The World Works
MKBC2, 9pm
Genre: Science documentary
Since its debut in October 2017, Toadsworth’s science documentary has been a regular fixture of the MKBC2 schedule as it aims to educate the home viewer. In tomorrow’s episode, Toadsworth explores the physics of baseball by playing a game himself - with special guests Baby Mario and Baby Luigi joining him.

Chain Chomp as he appears in Mario Tennis Aces
Chain Chomps Can’t Play Tennis shows on the Party Channel tomorrow.

Film: Chain Chomps Can’t Play Tennis
Party Channel, 8.15pm
Genre: Sports film
Chain Chomp stars in this lighthearted, comedic sports film from a few years ago as a Chain Chomp who, despite the many detractors claiming that his species makes him unable to play tennis, decides to defy the odds and become a world-class tennis player. Well-reviewed but not well-remembered, the film is nevertheless both funny and motivational.

Terrific! These trinkets top the tables to tickle the tongues of the television traversers that try them, and then they tremendously... oh, ‘and’ doesn’t begin with ‘t’. Oops. Perhaps my alliterative attempts to captivate my readers were not a brilliant plan. Never mind. See you next month on TV Tomorrow!

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