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|- ! |[[File:MKT Icon {{{D1i}}}.png|x32px|link={{{D1i}}}]] |[[File:MKT Icon {{{K1i}}}.png|x32px|link={{{K1i}}}]] |[[File:MKT Icon {{{G1i}}}.png|x32px|link={{{G1i}}}]]


Guide to each part of the template
{{(opens the template)MKT course appearances row(template name)

  • |Shelf(S)=1(top shelf; "Favorite of") or 2(middle shelf; "Favored by")
  • |Driver(D)Number(1,2,3...60)i=Filename(without "File: MKT Icon" and ".png") (|Driver(D)Number(1,2,3...60)=Link(optional))(|In-game name(optional))
  • |Kart(K)Number(1,2,3...60)i=Filename(without "File: MKT Icon" and ".png") (Driver(D)Number(1,2,3...60)=|Link(optional))(|In-game name(optional))
  • |Glider(G)Number(1,2,3...60)i=Filename(without "File: MKT Icon" and ".png") (Driver(D)Number(1,2,3...60)=|Link(optional))(|In-game name(optional))

}}(closes the template)

Example of use


{| class="wikitable" style="text-align: center"
!colspan=4|[[File:MKT Icon Mario Cup.png|32px]] [[Mario Cup]]<br>Mario Circuit 1
{{MKT course appearances row
|D1i=Mario |D2i=PeteyPiranha |D2=Petey Piranha
|K1i=Mushmellow |K2i=Mach8 |K2=Mach 8
|G1i=Parafoil |G2i=MushroomGlider |G2=Mushroom Glider
{{MKT course appearances row
|D1i=Peach |D1=Princess Peach{{!}}Peach |D2i=MarioMusician |D2=Mario{{!}}Mario (Musician)
|K1i=PWing |K1=P-Wing (kart){{!}}P-Wing
|G1i=ShipsWheel |G1=Ship's Wheel (glider){{!}}Ship's Wheel


The icon of the Mario Cup from Mario Kart Tour. Mario Cup
Mario Circuit 1
Drivers Karts Gliders
Favorite of Mario's icon from Mario Kart Tour.Petey Piranha from Mario Kart Tour Mushmellow from Mario Kart TourMach 8 from Mario Kart Tour Parafoil from Mario Kart TourMushroom Glider from Mario Kart Tour
Favored by PeachMario (Musician) P-Wing Ship's Wheel

Template to copy and paste

This template can be used in pages in the category "Mario Kart Tour course appearances", and should be adjusted as needed.

{{MKT course appearances row
|D1i= |D1= |D2i= |D2= |D3i= |D3= |D4i= |D4= |D5i= |D5= |D6i= |D6= |D7i= |D7= |D8i= |D8= |D9i= |D9= |D10i= |D10= |D11i= |D11= |D12i= |D12= |D13i= |D13= |D14i= |D14= |D15i= |D15= |D16i= |D16= |D17i= |D17= |D18i= |D18= |D19i= |D19= |D20i= |D20= |D21i= |D21= |D22i= |D22= |D23i= |D23= |D24i= |D24= |D25i= |D25= |D26i= |D26= |D27i= |D27= |D28i= |D28= |D29i= |D29= |D30i= |D30= |D31i= |D31= |D32i= |D32= |D33i= |D33= |D34i= |D34= |D35i= |D35= |D36i= |D36= |D37i= |D37= |D38i= |D38= |D39i= |D39= |D40i= |D40= |D41i= |D41= |D42i= |D42= |D43i= |D43= |D44i= |D44= |D45i= |D45= |D46i= |D46= |D47i= |D47= |D48i= |D48= |D49i= |D49= |D50i= |D50= |D51i= |D51= |D52i= |D52= |D53i= |D53= |D54i= |D54= |D55i= |D55= |D56i= |D56= |D57i= |D57= |D58i= |D58= |D59i= |D59= |D60i= |D60= 
|K1i= |K1= |K2i= |K2= |K3i= |K3= |K4i= |K4= |K5i= |K5= |K6i= |K6= |K7i= |K7= |K8i= |K8= |K9i= |K9= |K10i= |K10= |K11i= |K11= |K12i= |K12= |K13i= |K13= |K14i= |K14= |K15i= |K15= |K16i= |K16= |K17i= |K17= |K18i= |K18= |K19i= |K19= |K20i= |K20= |K21i= |K21= |K22i= |K22= |K23i= |K23= |K24i= |K24= |K25i= |K25= |K26i= |K26= |K27i= |K27= |K28i= |K28= |K29i= |K29= |K30i= |K30= |K31i= |K31= |K32i= |K32= |K33i= |K33= |K34i= |K34= |K35i= |K35= |K36i= |K36= |K37i= |K37= |K38i= |K38= |K39i= |K39= |K40i= |K40= |K41i= |K41= |K42i= |K42= |K43i= |K43= |K44i= |K44= |K45i= |K45= |K46i= |K46= |K47i= |K47= |K48i= |K48= |K49i= |K49= |K50i= |K50= |K51i= |K51= |K52i= |K52= |K53i= |K53= |K54i= |K54= |K55i= |K55= |K56i= |K56= |K57i= |K57= |K58i= |K58= |K59i= |K59= |K60i= |K60= 
|G1i= |G1= |G2i= |G2= |G3i= |G3= |G4i= |G4= |G5i= |G5= |G6i= |G6= |G7i= |G7= |G8i= |G8= |G9i= |G9= |G10i= |G10= |G11i= |G11= |G12i= |G12= |G13i= |G13= |G14i= |G14= |G15i= |G15= |G16i= |G16= |G17i= |G17= |G18i= |G18= |G19i= |G19= |G20i= |G20= |G21i= |G21= |G22i= |G22= |G23i= |G23= |G24i= |G24= |G25i= |G25= |G26i= |G26= |G27i= |G27= |G28i= |G28= |G29i= |G29= |G30i= |G30= |G31i= |G31= |G32i= |G32= |G33i= |G33= |G34i= |G34= |G35i= |G35= |G36i= |G36= |G37i= |G37= |G38i= |G38= |G39i= |G39= |G40i= |G40= |G41i= |G41= |G42i= |G42= |G43i= |G43= |G44i= |G44= |G45i= |G45= |G46i= |G46= |G47i= |G47= |G48i= |G48= |G49i= |G49= |G50i= |G50= |G51i= |G51= |G52i= |G52= |G53i= |G53= |G54i= |G54= |G55i= |G55= |G56i= |G56= |G57i= |G57= |G58i= |G58= |G59i= |G59= |G60i= |G60=