Strike It Rich

Strike It Rich
Strike It Rich minigame from Super Mario Party
Appears in Super Mario Party
Type Rhythm minigame (free-for-all)
Music track Strike It Rich
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Strike It Rich is a free-for-all Rhythm minigame that appears in Super Mario Party.


Players run down a track and have to strike ? Blocks to the beat of a cover of the overworld theme from the original Super Mario Bros. according to their lanes by pumping the Joy-Con upwards. Striking the block yields a coin that is worth one point; doing so at the right time (indicated by "Nice!") yields a red coin that is worth three points. At the end of the track, the players come across four Brick Blocks they must rapidly hit for more coins. The player with the most points once the minigame finishes wins.

The perfect score is 67 on Normal difficulty and 94 on Hard difficulty.

On the Challenge Road, this is the third challenge of Shell Street and the third challenge overall. The normal difficulty is used, and the goal is 45 points for the normal challenge and 55 points for the Master Challenge.


  • Pump   upwards to jump

In-game textEdit

  • Hit the blocks to the rhythm!
  • Time your jumps just right to get a red coin worth three points!

Names in other languagesEdit

Language Name Meaning
Japanese たたいてブロック
Tataite Burokku
Hit the Blocks

Chinese 敲敲砖块 (Simplified)
敲敲磚塊 (Traditional)
Qiāoqiāo Zhuānkuài
Hit the Blocks

Dutch ?-blokkenbrug
? Block Bridge
French Sauts en cadence
Jumps in time
German Lukrative Luftsprünge
Lucrative Jumps
Italian Monete in corsa
Coins on the run
Korean 블록 두드리기
Beulok dudeurigi
Block Hitting

Spanish Golpes de fortuna
Lucky Hitting, pun on an expression meaning "strokes of luck"