Stage 8 (DK: Jungle Climber)

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Stage 8
Stage 8 in DK: Jungle Climber
Level code 7-8
Game DK: Jungle Climber
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Stage 8 is the eighth extra stage of DK: Jungle Climber. It is unlocked after completing the main game, after eighty Banana Coins have been collected.


Near the start of the stage is a peg between two small moon rocks. On either side of them is a switch Donkey Kong must pull to open up a few panels for a very brief period of time. The concept for this stage is for DK to toss a moon rock over the panels, activate the switch, grab the moon rock before it falls, and throw it at the Question Barrel up above to create new, smaller panels. He must then use these panels to head up right to the platform with the DK Coin, which must be collected to complete the level.