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Secret Maps are items found throughout the various levels of Wario Land: Shake It!. When uncovered and collected, they open up access to secret levels which are previously hidden. They can be found by executing an Earthshake Punch, Super Smash Attack, or colliding with a wall while running under the affects of a Max Fastosity Dasherator near the location of the map. Some Secret Maps can also be found within secret levels.

The secret levels include Disturbing Tomb, Gurgle Gulch, Sneak Peak, Lowdown Depths, Neon City, Derailed Express, Launchpad Labyrinth, Riverbloat Rapids, Prism Prison, Bamboozle Village, Freezing Fields, and Boogie Mansion.


Disturbing Tomb[edit]

The Secret Map in Whoopsy Desert

The Secret Map of Disturbing Tomb is found in Whoopsy Desert, where it appears in the first room with Blast-O-Cannons. It is found after the second cannon, and is close to the exit. The map is hidden in the alcove in the wall to the left.

Gurgle Gulch[edit]

The Secret Map in Foulwater Falls

Gurgle Gulch's Secret Map is found in the room with four crates on four stone blocks of Foulwater Falls. It is located at the far end next to the metal box and swinging rope, where it is under the ledge with a coin bag.

Sneak Peak[edit]

In Mt. Lava Lava, the Secret Map of Sneak Peak appears in the first room after saving the caged Merfle, where it is under the first swinging rope with a gold coin.

Lowdown Depths[edit]

The Secret Map of Lowdown Depths is found in the aforementioned secret level Sneak Peak, where it is found in the room where the large boulder chase takes place. It is found in the area where the boulder is held before being released.

Neon City[edit]

Neon City's Secret Map is in Glittertown. In the second room with fountains, the player can climb the ladder and fountains in the right of the room to reach a small coin bag, with the Secret Map being hidden directly above it.

Derailed Express[edit]

In the third room with a slot machine of Neon City, the Secret Map for Derailed Express can be found behind a metal wall on the right.

Launchpad Labyrinth[edit]

The Secret Map for Launchpad Labyrinth can be found in Airytale Castle. In the room with the first moving platform on tracks, the player must activate the Shake Pillar to reach a set of moving platforms. Then, the player can climb to the third platform and crawl through a small space to a ledge with the Secret Map.

Riverbloat Rapids[edit]

The player can find Riverbloat Rapids' Secret Map in Soggybog River, where it is located in the entrance of the room with climbable vines over Scarracuda waters.

Prism Prison[edit]

Prism Prison's Secret Map is found in the room behind a Warp Pipe in Riverbloat Rapids. The Secret Map is hidden on the other side of the Bonfire Block of the room.

Bamboozle Village[edit]

The Secret Map of Bamboozle Village can be found in Slipshod Slopes. It is hidden behind a diamond in the secret alcove near the pool of water in the first room with icicles.

Freezing Fields[edit]

A Secret Map for Freezing Fields can be found in a room with a coin bag behind a stone block in Bamboozle Village.

Boogie Mansion[edit]

In Bad Manor, the Secret Map of Boogie Mansion is available after saving the caged merfle. It is found in the room with the first Max Fastosity Dasherator, where it appears just before the stone blocks that lead to the Blast-O-Cannon.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
German Geheimkarte
Secret Map