Scene A

Scene A
Gameplay of the top screen in Pinball
Game Pinball / VS. Pinball
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Scene A[1] is a level in Pinball and VS. Pinball. It is the upper half of the pinball table.


The ball enters scene A from the far right of the level, after being launched upwards by the striker. Several point values are displayed at the top of the level, which award the player with their corresponding number of points if the ball passes through them. If the ball enters the lane[1] on the right side of the level, the three slot windows start rotating, and can be stopped by hitting the slot target with the ball. An up-post is raised if all three slot windows are stopped on the same icon and the layout will change color. The top left corner of the level features a separate lane with eight lane lights.[1] If the ball hits a lane light, it is extinguished and the player earns 100 points. If all of the lane lights are extinguished, the player earns a 2,000 point bonus. A single pink bumper is present in the level, in between two seals. The bottom right corner of the level features a hole kicker, which ejects the ball if it falls off the bottom of the Bonus Stage or if it enters the hole kicker. The bottom left corner of the level features an incline that the ball can fall into, while the very bottom of the level features two flippers, which the player can use to bounce the ball around the level. If the ball falls below the bottom of the level, it moves to scene B.

In VS. Pinball, the hole kicker is replaced by another hole which leads to its counterpart in scene B. Extinguishing all eight lane lights will cause the layout and sprites to change color.

Names in other languagesEdit

Scene A
Language Name Meaning
Japanese A画面[2]
A Gamen
A Screen

Language Name Meaning
Japanese レーン[2]

Lane light
Language Name Meaning
Japanese レーン・ライト[2]
Rēn Raito
Lane Light


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