Rocket Barrel Ride
Rocket Barrel Ride.png
Level code 3 - 2
World Cotton Top Cove
Game Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!
Music track Cascade Capers
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Rocket Barrel Ride is the twelfth level in Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! It is also the second area of Cotton Top Cove. Set at a series of waterfalls, Dixie and Kiddy must utilize Booster Barrels ascend the level. If the Kongs miss a platform, they fall a distance down the level until hitting a platform or possibly into an abyss, the latter of which causes them to lose an extra life. Sometimes, the path can go behind a waterfall, allowing the Kongs to walk behind it. The Kongs cannot jump from behind a waterfall to progress on the path in front. Parry the Parallel Bird makes his second appearance in the latter part of the level. If the Kongs successfully take Parry across a No Animal Sign, they are rewarded a Blue Balloon.


Rocket Barrel Ride in the Game Boy Advance version

At the beginning of the level, the heroes will find a pathway in front of a large waterfall. They should head through the area and jump into the nearest Booster Barrel. It will raise them to a higher area and blast them upwards. Landing on a ledge, they will find another Booster Barrel floating above a small gap. If they jump in, they will be shot to the next area. There, they will soon find a Booster Barrel nearby to lead them to an above ledge. A few steps after landing on the ledge, they will find another Booster Barrel. The barrel will blast them to two other Booster Barrels, which will then guide the monkeys upwards. After grabbing the letter K, they will make their way to a ledge and find a curved pathway stretching behind a waterfall. The pathway will take them to the next Booster Barrel. This barrel will take them into a chain of other Booster Barrels, progressively leading the Kongs higher and higher up the level. Eventually, they will land in a new area, where they will use another platform behind a waterfall to continue. After passing a Krumple, the apes will see an Auto-Fire Barrel. The barrel will blast them into another barrel, which will then fire them a long distance to the left. Soon, the group will land on a strong ledge. There, they will find another passage behind a waterfall. Once they travel across the pathway, they will walk up to a Booster Barrel, hanging over a small gap. This barrel and the following Booster Barrel will aid the monkeys in reaching the above ledge, where they will find the Star Barrel.

About halfway into the level, the heroes should take two passages in front and behind some waterfalls. At the far left end of the area, they will make their way into a set of Auto-Fire Barrels, which will blast them to a ledge. Heading on, the group should walk in front of another waterfall nearby to notice another Booster Barrel. The barrel will drop them off near another Booster Barrel. This Booster Barrel, once entered, will raise the Kongs to a great distance, then letting them out in mid-air. Landing in another Booster Barrel, the apes will continue upwards, dodging some Buzzes, until they are shot to the letter N. Traveling to the left of the item, Dixie Kong and her partner will walk across more of the wet pathway and find a set of platforms behind a waterfall. If they hop between some Buzzes, the monkeys will make their way to an area in front of a waterfall. After getting through this small area, they will soon notice another pathway behind the same waterfall. If the heroes manage to get behind the falls safely, they will climb up a wall of dirt and cross a gap. Once they do so, they will find another set of platforms stretching behind a waterfall. Jumping upwards on each other the three pathways, they will make it to the highest of the platforms, where they will need to head into a nearby Auto-Fire Barrel. The barrel will automatically shoot them to a higher area. In this area, the Kongs will hop between two Buzzes and pass the No Animal Sign for Parry the Parallel Bird, if they lead the bird up to this point. Heading on, the monkeys will get in a Booster Barrel that will drop them off on a ledge near the letter G. Climbing behind another waterfall with a small platform, they will find a few Buzzes surrounding a Booster Barrel. After dodging the enemies, the group should carefully get in the barrel and be shot up to the level's highest point. If they travel to the right, they will find a flagpole. Raising its flag will end the level.


The following enemies appear in the following quantities:

Items and objectsEdit

The following items and objects appear in the following quantities:

K-O-N-G LettersEdit

The location of the letter N
  • K: Found underneath a Buzz while going up some rocket barrels.
  • O: In an area found by doing a roll-then-jump under a barrel cannon and to a hidden area to the right.
  • N: Floating high to the left of Parry's animal crate.
  • G: Found hovering before two Buzz and a barrel cannon.

DK CoinEdit

The Koin of Rocket Barrel Ride

To the left of the Level Flag, the Kongs must pick up a Steel Barrel and lightly toss it up without it landing on a slanted platform. The Kongs must quickly jump into an Auto-Fire Barrel above a waterfall to blast all the way to the left behind Koin. As Koin faces left at the Kongs, the Steel Barrel hits it from behind, defeating it and rewarding the DK Coin to the Kongs.

Bonus LevelsEdit

The first and second Bonus Levels respectively

Rocket Barrel Ride has two Bonus Levels, listed by type:

  • Collect 20 Stars!: Just before the letter O is a Booster Barrel that leads up to another one to the right. Instead of entering the next one, the Kongs must blast left over a green Buzz and bounce onto three Knik-Knaks, each with a banana between them, to enter a Bonus Barrel. In the Bonus Level, the Kongs have 15 seconds to collect 20 stars by using a few Booster Barrels to travel up a waterfall. After Dixie and Kiddy collect every star, the Bonus Coin appears on a platform at the top.
  • Collect 60 Stars!: After the No Animal Sign, the Kongs must go behind a waterfall, jump over a Booster Barrel, and walk down to a platform below. They can jump below into a Bonus Barrel. In the Bonus Level, the Kongs have 35 seconds to collect 60 stars. They must go across a large gap in the waterfall and blast from four Booster Barrels. When the Kongs collect every star, the Bonus Coin appears on a small platform at the rightmost corner of the Bonus Level.


Names in other languagesEdit

Language Name Meaning
Japanese タルでたきのぼり
Taru de taki no bori
Barrel Fall Climbing

French Traversée Fuselée
Tapered Crossing
German Fässer-Feuerwerk
Barrel Firework
Italian Barili Ascensionali
Upward Barrels
Spanish Barriles-Proyectiles