Quiet Please!

Quiet Please!
Quiet Please! from Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
Luigi running to the door
Location Gloomy Manor
Mission # 3
Game Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
Boss(es) Poltergeist
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Quiet Please!, or A-3, is the third mission in the Gloomy Manor in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. The mission is about investigating the music coming from the Library; to reflect this, instead of the normal mansion music playing, distant piano music can be heard. If the Dark-Light Device is already obtained, Luigi can take a shortcut to the Library by grabbing keys that enables direct access to the Library.


In the kitchen

Luigi must go to the Foyer to activate the mechanism after the gears have been fixed by Professor E. Gadd. The mechanism lowers the aquarium that blocked the entrance to the Lobby on the second floor. In the Lobby, there are two Greenies and a Slammer that comes out of the elevator when the two Greenies are defeated. Sucking up these two ghosts brightens up the room and enables access to the Library.

When Luigi enters the Library on the second floor, he notices a swarm of flying books at the center of the room and a piano playing by itself. The flying books start attacking him. During this, gold Spiders and mice appear. Luigi can use the Strobulb on them to turn them into gold bars. Luigi should then proceed into the Dining Room. In the Dining Room, Luigi needs to pull a cord to open up an elevator, which transports Luigi into the Kitchen. When Luigi tries to access the Library, Greenies block this doorway and fight against him. They use tools from the kitchen during this fight, which makes it harder for Luigi to use the Strobulb on them. After this fight, the doorway to the Library is opened, and Luigi is able to access the Library.

The Poltergeist in the Library

In the Library, Luigi finds a Poltergeist playing the piano. The Poltergeist then disappears and shoots books at Luigi. Luigi must shine the Strobulb twice onto it to expose it (the first time it occurs, the Poltergeist blocks itself with a book). After this Poltergeist has been defeated, two more appear simultaneously. After Luigi defeats all three Poltergeists, he is transported back at the Bunker.


Mission Goal:
Use the crank to operate the access mechanism in the Foyer. Once that's done, proceed north through the Gloomy Manor and investigate the music in the Library.

  • Use the crank in the Foyer.
  • Investigate the music in the Library.

Boo locationEdit

  • In the Studio underneath the sheet where the canvas had been.
    • This Boo cannot be captured the first time this mission is played, and can only be captured if this mission is replayed after clearing A-4 where the Dark-Light Device is obtained.


American English: According to the Parascope, the ghostly activity in the north section of the Gloomy Manor is increasing! Now that you've recovered the gears, we should be able to investigate.
British English: According to the Parascope, the ghostly activity in the north of the Gloomy Manor is increasing! Now that you've recovered the gears, we'll be able to investigate.

Names in other languagesEdit

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ポルターガイスト!

Chinese 骚灵作祟! (Simplified)
Sāo líng zuòsuì!
騷靈! (Traditional)
Sāo líng!


Dutch Luid leesplezier
Loud Reading
French Tragédie musicale
Musical Tragedy
German Bücherspuk
Italian Silenzio, prego!
Silence, please!
Portuguese (NOE) Silêncio, por favor!
Silence, please!
Russian Эй, потише там!
Ey, potishe tam!
Hey, keep it down!

Spanish ¡Silencio, por favor!
Silence, Please!


  • When Luigi first enters the room where the elevator is, the two Greenies he fights can be seen in front of the elevator, playing Rock, Paper, Scissors.
  • It is actually possible to capture the Poltergeist playing the piano from the upstairs balcony. By watching it through a hole in the wall, and then proceeding through the invisible door in the Common Hall, through the Patio, the Kitchen, back upstairs to the Dining Room via the dumbwaiter, and onto the library balcony, the player should be able to see the Poltergeist. Stunning it from the right will allow the player to capture it.