Paper Toad Corral

Paper Toad Corral
Location Sunbeam Plains
Mission # 3
Game Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam
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Paper Toad Corral is the third mission of Sunbeam Plains in Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam.


The mission occurs in Sunbeam Plains's village area, and it involves Paper Toads trying to escape. Mario and co. must prevent the Toads from escaping by rounding them up into a crack on the west side of the village, as allowing even one Paper Toad to escape results in an instant "Too Bad!" Once multiple Toads are jammed into the crack, Mario and co. must approach them, and the player must mash the corresponding button shown to press the Paper Toads through the crack and complete the mission.

In the Hard Mode variant, the Paper Toads run faster when attempting escapes, and move faster in general.

In-game textEdit


  • "Corral the Paper Toads!"


  • "The Paper Toads are trying to escape. Corral them into one spot!"

Hard Mode ObjectiveEdit

  • "Squeeze all the Paper Toads through the crack in the wall."

Names in other languagesEdit

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 追いこめ!ペーパーキノピオ
Oikome! Pēpā Kinopio
Herd! Paper Toads

Italian Raduna i Toad di carta
Gather the Paper Toads