Omni Nom

Omni Nom
Screenshot of Omni Nom from WarioWare: Move It!
Species Alien
First appearance WarioWare: Move It! (2023)

Omni Nom is a minor character that appears in WarioWare: Move It! It has the appearance of a round, blue alien with a detached mouth, small wings, bird legs and an antenna with a star on it. It also appears to be flying with its own fish-version of Oinker.

Omni Nom appears in the "Sweet Dreams, Sweeter Fruit" stage in a flashback as Orbulon regains his memory, where it is seen flying alongside Orbulon and his Oinker.


Names in other languagesEdit

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ペロリ
Onomatopoeia for licking or stretching out tongue

Chinese (simplified) 贪吃星
Tānchī Xīng
Gluttonous Star

Chinese (traditional) 貪吃星
Tānchī Xīng
Gluttonous Star

Dutch Bik-Bik
Repetition of "bik", which is from the clipping of "bikken" (to eat)
French Gourmax
From "gourmand" and the slang "-ax" (adjective-forming suffix)
German Omni Nom
Italian Gustavius
Pun on the male given name "Gustavo" (Gustavus/Gustaf) and possibly "gustare" (to taste); with Latin adjective-forming suffix "-ius"
Korean 호로롱
Partial repetition of "호롱호롱" (holong-holong, onomatopoeia for birds chirping)

Spanish Glotulon
From "glotón" (glutton) and "Orbulon"