Nintendo Power issue 2

“The all-time super star is back in Super Mario 2. Plug into continuing Mario madness right here in Nintendo Power.”
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Nintendo Power issue 2
Nintendo Power - Issue 2
Publisher Nintendo of America
Release date September/October, 1988

Nintendo Power issue 2 is the second volume of Nintendo Power, released in September/October, 1988. It continues its coverage of Super Mario Bros. 2.

Nintendo Power issue 2
Insiders' Calendar

Insiders' Calendar lists the following dates:

NES Journal on page 92 covers a Game Pak, that features Super Mario Bros. with Duck Hunt and World Class Track Meet. The next page in the section "Super Mario Tips" features How to Win at Super Mario Bros. strategy guide (misspelled as How To Win At Super Mario Bros.).

Video Spotlight on page 100 mentions Super Mario Bros. in a list of completed games.


Super Mario Bros. 2Edit

“Travel on in Mario’s big dream adventure!”
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Super Mario Bros. 2

This issue of Nintendo Power continues to cover Super Mario Bros. 2 (pages 41 to 49). On pages 42 to 43, it covers the playable characters in more detail compared to the first issue, and also explains the Warp Zone functionality. Each character is given a shorter description near the screenshot:

  • Mario
    "Another thing you'll like about Mario, he is one easy guy to move around."
  • Luigi
    "When you say "Jump," Luigi says, "How high?""
  • Toad
    "Talk about a weed-eater, this guy can really garden! If you want to be rich you'd better choose Toad!"
  • Princess
    "She glides through the air with the greatest of ease avoiding dire obstacles just like a breeze."

Pages 44 to 49 cover levels 3-1 to 3-3. Similarly to the first issue, each level is given a detailed map with items, enemies, and secrets.

World 3-1
  • 3-1
    Need a lift?
    "A big waterfall is no problem if you hitch a ride to the top on a handy cloud passing by. It may be a bit tricky hopping on board the cloud, of course. Stay in control. One wrong step and you're in the drink."
  • 3-2
    Down to Sub-Con
    "You'll need strong legs in this terrain because you’ll be running up and down a lot of ladders as you go from the surface down to the second floor of the underground and back again and again. Blast your way through walls that stop your forward progress."
  • 3-3
    "There are three doors—count ’em. Which one should you pick? And this is no TV quiz show. There is bad news behind them for those afraid of heights. It pays to watch the way the enemy is moving. Then launch into action."

Counselors' CornerEdit

Counselors' Corner

Counselors's Corner on page 66 explains how to get to each of the three Warp Zones in Super Mario Bros.

“Where are the warp zones in Super Mario Bros. and how do I get to them?”
A question

The ClassicsEdit

Donkey Kong Classics

On page 82, The Classics section covers Donkey Kong Classics, a 2-in-1 game, featuring Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong Jr..

Player's PollEdit

A poll

Player's Poll section on page 89 asked readers to participate in the poll about the second issue of Nintendo Power. The poll contained many images of Mario. The list for questions G, H, and I had the following Super Mario games:

  • 18 - Donkey Kong Classics
  • 32 - Golf
  • 67 - Pinball
  • 88 - Super Mario Bros.
  • 89 - Super Mario Bros. 2

NES AchieversEdit

Super Mario Bros. scores

Only the top scores are listed:

  • Donkey Kong 3
    Jeurik Samborski (Quincy) / 186,800 (score)
  • Golf
    Don Steik (Buena Park) / -24, 48 (strokes)
  • Mario Bros.
    Patrick Robinson (Grand Forks) / 317,750 (score)
  • Pinball
    Ron Breqenzer (E.Patchogue) / 915,450 (score)
  • Super Mario Bros.
    Multiple people / 9,999,950 (score)

Top 30Edit

“A sneak peek at Link and Super Mario Bros. 2 by the pros was enough to place the two near the top for them.”
Player's Forum, page 104

Top 30 covers three Super Mario games on pages 103 and 104:

  • 4th: Super Mario Bros. (1139 points)
    "Mario and Luigi hang on to the number four slot on their way to save the Princess Toadstool."
    Players' picks: 975 points
    Pros' picks: 126 points
    Dealers' picks: 38 points
  • 28th: Super Mario Bros. 2 (94 points)
    Players' picks: N/A
    Pros' picks: 94 points
    Dealers' picks: 46 points
  • 30th: Pinball (76 points)
    Players' picks: N/A
    Pros' picks: N/A
    Dealers' picks: 76 points
  • Mario Bros.
    Players' picks: 38 points
    Pros' picks: N/A
    Dealers' picks: N/A
  • Golf
    Players' picks: N/A
    Pros' picks: 24 points
    Dealers' picks: 86 points
  • Donkey Kong Jr. Math
    Players' picks: N/A
    Pros' picks: N/A
    Dealers' picks: 53 points