Mutiny on the Fungi

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Mutiny on the Fungi
Cover art.
The first panel of Mutiny on the Fungi.
The comic's first panel.

Mutiny on the Fungi is a comic from the Super Mario Bros. Special Edition #1 of the Nintendo Comics System series of comics. It contains elements from Super Mario Bros. 3, as it features Mario searching for a magic wand on an airship to save a transformed Mushroom King.


The comic begins with King Koopa, under the alias of Captain Koopa, commanding an airship. The airship is coin-operated, an idea that Koopa apparently came up with himself. One of his crew members, a Mushroom called "Truffle Toes", approaches Koopa with a coin he had polished. However, this only annoys Captain Koopa, who proceeds to knock Truffle Toes off the side of the ship.

Meanwhile, Mario has set off to find a magic wand to turn the Mushroom King, who had been transformed into a dog, back to normal. Truffle Toes falls onto Mario's head and safely lands on the ground. Though Mario is busy, he offers to return Truffle Toes to his airship, assuming that it will not take more than a second to drop him off.

When Mario reaches the ship, however, he finds it is commanded by Captain Koopa and is kidnapped. Upon realizing that Truffle Toes is still holding on to the coin, Koopa asks him why he is so obsessed over a single coin. When Truffle Toes replies that it is honor he cares about and not the monetary value, Koopa states he does not care about honor. This angers Truffle Toes, causing him to turn on Koopa and attack, giving Mario time to get free.

When the two make to leave the airship, however, Koopa recovers and begins to fire cannonballs at the pair. These cannonballs blast a hole down to the lower deck, revealing that Luigi is also on board. Luigi tells Mario that the magic wand they seek is on board the airship, and that he was kidnapped when he came to look for it. Mario sets off for where the magic wand is held, riding one of the cannonballs to reach the ship's chimney, which leads inside the ship.

When Mario reaches the ship's treasure hoard, he finds it guarded by a Koopa Troopa wielding the magic wand. Mario swiftly manages to defeat the Koopa Troopa. Captain Koopa, trying to stop Mario, blasts a cannonball down into the treasure hoard. However, he misses Mario and smashes a hole in the ship's bottom, causing all his coins to fall out. The ship then reports that it needs a fresh supply of coins, which Koopa is now unable to give it, and thus the ship begins to fall out of the sky.

The airship happened to be directly over the Mushroom King's castle, and Mario, Luigi, Truffle Toes, and the magic wand all fell inside, the latter landing directly onto the King's head and turning him back to normal. However, he still maintained some dog-like mannerisms, as he proceeded to lick Mario's face in gratitude.


  • This comic's name (as its thematics) is inspired by the Mutiny on the Bounty, a mutiny aboard the British Royal Navy ship HMS Bounty on 28 April 1789.