Moped Mayhem

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Moped Mayhem
Moped Mayhem
Appears in Mario Party 8
Type Extras Zone minigame
Initial record 3'00"00 (course 1)
4'00"00 (course 2)
5'00"00 (course 3)
Music track It's a Dead Heat
Music sample
“Sped through one of our Moped Mayhem courses yet? Can you believe that we get 30 competitors on those tracks?”
MC Ballyhoo, Mario Party 8

Moped Mayhem is an unlockable minigame that can be played only in the Extras Zone in Mario Party 8.


Moped Mayhem
Moped Mayhem's intro scene

The camera shows the 30 competitors (including the human players) upon the mopeds, and the game plays a racing jingle before the race starts. The starting grid for a race is always made up of seven rows in a 5-4-5-4-5-4-3 manner from the front row to the back row, with the human player(s) always starting in the back row. In two-player mode, the screen splits to show the second player. The lights beep twice, then turn green, officially starting the race and the minigame.

When the player plays as a Mii, it replaces one of the characters in the race.


This game is a racing minigame with three optional courses. It has 30 competitors, ranging from the original playable characters to Shy Guy and even Thwomp. They race around the chosen course three times and compete for first place. Players cannot go the wrong way around the course. There is a ten-minute time limit for this minigame; if the elapsed time reaches nine minutes 30 seconds, a 30-second countdown appears at the bottom of the screen.


This minigame has a unique CPU system due to the fact that there are 30 competitors instead of the usual four or eight. A CPU's starting position often has no effect on the position the CPU will finish in the race. While most of the CPU racers keep ideal speed during a race, two CPU racers always go very slow in a race (in two-player mode, there is a chance that only one CPU goes very slow), so the human player usually places no worse than 28th in this minigame, even if they do time out in Course 3, unless they do very poorly. These CPU racers are often lapped by the first-place racer before they even enter their second lap. Several CPU racers also go fairly slow, so they may be lapped by the first-place racer as well before they even enter their final lap.

If the human player does not finish in first, there is a chance that a CPU character that is not playable in Mario Party 8 finishes in first. Also, at least 20 CPU racers will be on the final lap by the time the first-place racer finishes.


The player crosses the finish line, and the following happens depending on the number of human players and the result:

  • In one-player mode, the winning music plays if the player finishes tenth or better or they beat their best time; in case of the latter condition, they do a victory pose while still on their moped as the announcer calls, "New Record!" Either of these two conditions results in hearing the character's minigame victory voice line. Otherwise, the Draw music plays if they finish between 11th and 20th, and the losing music plays if they finish 21st or worse.
  • In two-player mode, the player with the faster time does a victory pose and the respective character's minigame victory voice line is heard. If the finishing times are the same, the minigame ends in a tie, and neither player does a victory pose (even though the displayed positions are different).
  • However, if ten minutes pass before the last human player is able to finish, none of the ending conditions above apply, and the Draw music always plays and there is no victory pose (even if one player finishes in two-player mode).


  • Wii Remote: Steer your cycle
  • Buttons
    • Two Button – Accelerate
    • One Button – Brake

In-game text

  • Rules"Complete three laps first in a 30-competitor cycle race!"
  • Hint"Brake a little before a turn to keep your speed in check. Also, try to hug the inside curve!"


While the only playable characters are the usual characters in the game as well as Miis, a large number of other characters appear during the minigame as well.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ポケバイグランプリ
Pokebai Guranpuri
Pocketbike Grand Prix

German Moped Grand Prix
Italian Superminimoto
Korean 미니바이크 레이스
Minibaikeu Leiseu
Mini Bike Race

Spanish Motomaratón


Mario timing out in 28th place in both the one-player and two-player modes
Mario timing out in 28th place in both the one-player and two-player modes
Mario timing out in 28th place in both the one-player and two-player modes
  • If ten minutes pass before the race is completed, the timer displays 9'59"99 rather than 10'00"00, and even in two-player mode, "Tie" does not appear on the screen, despite the fact the Draw music always plays.
  • In one-player mode, the red dot is the first-place racer, and it disappears once the first-place racer finishes; in two-player mode, the red dot is Player 2's racer.
  • When this minigame is played on Course 3, there is always one or two CPU racers timing out due to the race's ten-minute time limit.
    • This makes it impossible to finish this course in 30th place without timing out.
    • In two-player mode, there is a 1-in-29 chance that only one CPU racer times out in a race. In all other cases, two CPU racers time out.
    • Usually, the losing music plays in one-player mode if the player does not beat their best time and finishes 21st or worse, but if they time out, the Draw music plays instead.
    • Also, even if one player finishes in two-player mode, if the other player times out, the Draw music still plays.