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Wario about to Mega Toss a Skeletal Ankiron into a Silver Door Spirit.
Wario's Mega Toss

The Mega Toss, also called the Power Throw,[1] is a move Wario can do in his various games. Regular throws are sometimes too weak to defeat enemies (bosses included), but Mega Tosses can defeat larger and stronger ones. If the player holds the B Button button, Wario will charge up and start to flash a white-blue color (in Wario Land II, this does not happen). Upon releasing the B Button button, Wario throws the enemy with incredible power; the enemy is usually destroyed when it hits the nearest surface.

The Mega Toss is one of Wario's three Mad Moves, the other two being the Wild Swing-Ding and the Piledriver.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese タメなげ
Tame Nage
Good Toss

Italian Lancio Rovinoso
Devastating Toss


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