Maze Woods

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Maze Woods
Maze Woods prologue
Game Wario Land II
Level(s) 5
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Maze Woods is the third of several chapters in Wario Land II. As the name implies, it is an overgrown forest area where it is easy to get lost. Wario gets there while chasing the Black Sugar Gang who flee from him in a balloon. While exploring the forest, he will encounter many different kinds of animals, some of them are enemies while other ones help him in his quest. In level 3-5 he ends up battling a giant bee.

This chapter features no secret exits.

List of Stories[edit]

Encountered Enemies[edit]

Sub-Bosses and Bosses[edit]

Featured Conditions[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 第3章 まよいの森!
Dai 3-shō: Mayoi no Mori!
Chapter 3: The Lost Woods!



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