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Discord is a chat app used by gaming communities. There are two Discord servers the Super Mario Wiki recommends:

  • Super Mario Wiki - Our official server for just the wiki and forum community.
  • 1-Up World - Server dedicated to all things Super Mario, spanning multiple communities.


The rules for the MarioWiki Discord server are as follows:

  1. Swearing is allowed, but in moderation. If you overdo it, then it will count as spam.
  2. No spamming (Stupid, Pointless, and Annoying Message): Anything that fits this bill will be considered as spam, and its motive of a kick and/or ban.
  3. No porn, nude images, gore, etc: This includes discussion of said content, including your fetishes.
  4. No flooding: If you type 5 or more lines consecutively that consist of 4 or fewer words each, you will receive a kick and/or ban.
  5. No disrespecting users: This means that you do not under any circumstances harass, troll, flame other users — which means you do not purposely insult users — or make any rude or condescending comments, no matter whether it was made directly to a user or not.
  6. Inappropriate topics: Don't be too graphic.
  7. No requesting, sharing of, or linking to illegal wares (such as ROMs or certain MP3s). If you are unsure of whether a piece of content is illegal or not, message a moderator and ask.
  8. No posting of user's personal information without their consent: This includes, but is not limited to, their name, telephone number, address, medical conditions, etc.
  9. Your name: If your username is the same as on the wiki, you may change your nickname from time to time as long as we can tell who you are. If your username is something different, keep a variant of your wiki name as your nickname so we know it's you.
  10. No sockpuppeting: Do not create more than one user account for yourself without the permission of the moderators, do not pretend to be someone else, do not try to take someone's account, and other similar violations.
  11. No discrimination: We are a multicultural wiki, with users from many countries, races, religions, and even political thoughts. Our server should represent and honor that fact. So please, abstain from making any comment or performing any action that may be discriminatory towards someone. This is motive for a kick and/or ban.
  12. No advertising: Advertising is only permitted for projects within the wiki community. Any other ads or server invites must be approved by staff or will be considered spam.
  13. Listen to the mods: The Chat Administrator and Chat Operator roles have moderator privileges here. If they ask you to do something, listen to them.
  14. No mini-modding: Basically, don't shout to the mountains that a user deserves a kick or a ban. Tell a moderator through direct message or forum PM and they will deal with the issue. Don't make a big fuss if you think a user has broken a rule.
  15. No outside drama: Do not bring drama from other servers or websites into our server. This isn't the place for that and we're not going to put up with it.
  16. This is not a place to appeal your 1-Up World ban: We have no administrative connection with 1-Up World's staff team, and cannot and will not be part of the ban appeal process. Please keep all 1-Up World ban appeals or protests out of this server.
Unlike most other chats, there is no set limit for kicks or bans from the server. The penalty for breaking an offense is up to the moderator that is enforcing the rule, and ultimately up to the founder or a majority decision.
If you see anyone abusing their moderator privileges, please contact another mod through direct message and tell them what happened, including a complete log of the event. Mod abusing may lead to a demotion from their mod status.
Channel topics outside of Wiki Community serve as suggestions and are not enforced. Don't complain about users posting in the "wrong" channel since it only derails the conversation.
The following roles are available to ping if you need to get the attention of staff, such as for blocking a vandal:
@Chat Operator
@Wiki Staff
@Forum Moderator
Use the role for whichever venue is relevant. Do not abuse the ping feature.