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Welcome to the MarioWiki chat, open to everyone. Enjoy!

Customize your nickname to get started. If you have an account on the wiki, please enter your username so that it's easier to identify you. For help, see Help:Chat.

Server: Port: 6667 Channel: #mwchat

Wiki related
Chatroom Owner Description
#mwshroom Super Mario Bros. (talk)The 'Shroom chat
#mwchat Super Mario Bros. (talk) The official chatroom of the Super Mario Wiki
#mwikiawards Turboo (talk)MarioWiki Awards Ceremony chat
Affiliate sites
Chatroom Owner
#fantendo Shroobario (talk)
#userpedia Hypnotoad (talk)
Restricted access
Chatroom Owner
#mwikistaff 2257 (talk)
User chatrooms
Chatroom Owner
#Palkgiuschat N (talk)
#Paperchat SonicMario (talk)
#Shroobs Shroobario (talk)
#mariowiki Uniju (talk)