Magma Saucer

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Magma Saucer
Sprite of a Magma Saucer, from Virtual Boy Wario Land
First appearance Virtual Boy Wario Land (1995)
Screenshot of a Magma Saucer from Virtual Boy Wario Land.
Screenshot of Wario with a Magma Saucer, which is releasing its harmful substance.

Magma Saucer is an enemy from Virtual Boy Wario Land, with several appearing in Stage 11 of the game. Magma Saucers move horizontally along the top of the screen, and each one is only able to move within a designated range. If Wario moves within its range, then the Magma Saucer follows Wario until he is positioned below. It then stops, and flashes briefly before releasing a drop of substance. This substance explodes upon hitting the ground or other object, potentially harming Wario. If the substance falls on a flaming area of the ground, it reacts to produce a tall flaming geyser that quickly rises to a great height, before falling and disappearing.

When Wario uses a Pan Platform to spring to the background of the stage, any Magma Saucers nearby will also follow him to the background of the stage, and continue attacking him.

Unlike many other enemies in the game, Magma Saucers cannot be touched by Wario. Likewise, they cannot be defeated in any way. Magma Saucers may also be seen as the counterpart to the Lightning Saucer, which is similar in appearance and behavior.