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Luigi's Mansion 2 HD
North American box art for Luigi's Mansion 2 HD, as localized for the United States, U.S. territories, and various Spanish-speaking Latin American markets, featuring the Entertainment Software Rating Board age rating in the Spanish language.
North American pre-release box art
For alternate box art, see the game's gallery.
Developer Tantalus Media[1]
Publisher Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo Switch
Release date Australia June 27, 2024[2]
Japan June 27, 2024[3]
South Korea June 27, 2024[4]
HK June 27, 2024[5]
Malaysia June 27, 2024[6]
Philippines June 27, 2024[7]
ROC June 27, 2024[8]
Singapore June 27, 2024[9]
Thailand June 27, 2024[10]
UAE June 27, 2024[11]
Europe June 27, 2024[12]
Israel June 27, 2024[13]
South Africa June 27, 2024[14]
UK June 27, 2024[15]
Brazil June 27, 2024[16]
Argentina June 27, 2024[17]
Canada June 27, 2024[18]
Chile June 27, 2024[19]
Colombia June 27, 2024[20]
Mexico June 27, 2024[21]
Peru June 27, 2024[22]
USA June 27, 2024[23]
Language(s) English (United Kingdom)
English (United States)
French (France)
French (Canada)
Spanish (Spain)
Spanish (Latin America)
Portuguese (Portugal)
Simplified Chinese
Traditional Chinese
Genre Action-adventure
ESRB:E - Everyone
PEGI:7 - Seven years and older
CERO:A - All ages
ACB:PG - Parental Guidance
USK:6 - Six years and older
ClassInd:L - General audience
SMECCV:A - All ages
GRAC:All - All ages
GSRR:P - Six years and older
FPB:13 - Thirteen years and older
GCAM:7 - Seven years and older
MRO:7 - Seven years and older
Mode(s) Single-player, local multiplayer, online multiplayer
Nintendo Switch:
Game Card
Digital download
Nintendo Switch:

Luigi's Mansion 2 HD is a Nintendo Switch remaster of the Nintendo 3DS game Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. It was first announced during the June 2023 Nintendo Direct, and was released worldwide on June 27, 2024.[24][25] The game features visually enhanced and updated graphics compared to the Nintendo 3DS version, greatly resembling Luigi's Mansion 3. It is the second reissue in the Luigi's Mansion series after the Nintendo 3DS remake of the first Luigi's Mansion and the second game in the series for Nintendo Switch after Luigi's Mansion 3. The game retains Charles Martinet's voice clips for Luigi and Mario, after he retired from voicing the characters and was succeeded by Kevin Afghani starting with Super Mario Bros. Wonder.[26] The game uses its European name, Luigi's Mansion 2, in all regions, including those that originally used the name Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. It was developed by Tantalus Media, who previously worked on The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD and The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD.

Changes from the original game

Gameplay changes

  • The map is displayed at the top-right corner due to the Nintendo Switch's lack of the bottom screen.
  • The Dark-Light Device meter is displayed over Luigi instead of at the top-right corner.
  • Missions are displayed on the left side while the mission description and score are displayed on the right side.[27]
  • HD Rumble has been added for certain actions, including sucking up ghosts.[28]
  • Motion controls are now utilized for adjusting the camera.[29]
  • Playing ScareScraper online requires a subscription to Nintendo Switch Online, rather than being tied to Nintendo Network as with the original release.
    • Unlike the original release, Luigi's Mansion 2 HD is incompatible with Miiverse; the service ended prior to the game's release and was never available for Nintendo Switch.
  • The game is locked at 30 frames per second, as opposed to the original game's uncapped frame rate (which could range from 30 to 60 frames per second).
  • Luigi can look around like in Luigi's Mansion 3 by using Right Stick.
  • The starting time limit during ScareScraper's Rush Mode has been extended from 30 seconds to 45 seconds.
  • It is no longer possible to signal "Over here!" on the ScareScraper map by using the touch screen, even when using a Nintendo Switch in portable mode.
  • In first person sections, the player can press the X Button button to reset the camera.

Text changes and localization

  • The empty file slot was changed from "Empty" to "New Save File".
  • Characters' head icons are no longer in the dialogue, instead displaying their names like in Luigi's Mansion 3.[30]
  • With the exception of Boothoven below, the names of ghosts and locations, as well as the ghost descriptions in E. Gadd's Vault and Professor E. Gadd's recounting of selling King Boo's portrait in a "garage sale", rather than a "car boot sale", are taken from the North American version of the original release in all English-language versions.
  • The Boo in the mission Sticky Situation had its name changed from Ooga Booga to Boothoven, a nod to the classical composer Ludwig van Beethoven, as the Boo is hiding in a piano.
  • Some of the end credits are different, including but not limited to a note at the beginning saying that it is "Based on the work of the development team from the original Nintendo 3DS version", a mention of Tantalus Media (credited as simply "Tantalus") instead of Next Level Games as a developer, and crediting Shuntaro Furukawa as Executive Producer rather than Satoru Iwata.

Graphical changes

  • As the title indicates, Luigi's Mansion 2 HD is rendered in 1080p, rather than the original version's 240p.
    • Unlike the original release, it does not support stereoscopic 3D display, as this feature is absent from all Nintendo Switch models.
  • The logo of the game no longer features the Dark Moon subtitle in the English release, and like the other releases, has the Gloomy Manor removed. The HD plaque was added on top of the 2.
  • Like with Luigi's Mansion and Luigi's Mansion 3, the title screen features a blurry location in the background; in this case, Gloomy Manor. The file selection icons are now colored and look like stained glass windows.
  • Luigi's animation on pulling objects uses his normal vacuuming one instead of leaning back.
  • The counter showing how many keys are left when using one was removed.
  • When Luigi receives the flashlight, the beam of light on it is always visible, instead of only working sometimes.
  • Luigi's outline is no longer visible behind objects.
  • Cracks now hint more where coins are hiding behind the walls.
  • Pipings are more refined, like the one behind the toilet and ones above the Gloomy Manor elevator to the boss having more pipe rings added.
  • When getting a call on the Dual Scream, E. Gadd's video chat was moved from the right side to the left side.
  • While carrying objects, Luigi raises the Poltergust if he gets close to an environment obstacle, but in some cases he didn't. This was fixed to always happen.
  • Luigi no longer keeps his arms close to his side, even in neutral position. His hands are now slightly spread.
Updated models
  • All characters and objects have updated models, more closely resembling those of Luigi's Mansion 3.
    • Luigi and Mario's overalls have visible yellow threads and are hand-sewn, with shorter braces. Their hat have their letters hand-sewn too.
    • Luigi has a higher detailed mustache, more pronounced chin, his pupils are smaller and the eyebrows are more arched, less blocky hands, and more textured shoes.
    • The buttons on Professor E. Gadd's red shirt are gone and the white buttons on the lab coat are black instead of white.
    • Boos have glowing outlines around them and the eyebrows are connected to the eyes instead of floating. They also have refined and new animations.
    • The Boo in Visual Tricks has a visible tongue and has a different expression when it discovers that the objects it hid are visible again.
    • The imperfections on wood elements are visible instead of smoothed.
    • Gold Bars have stars on them.
    • Beside the top screen of the Dual Scream, the dark shape is now clear and shows that they are pinhole patterns of the speakers resembling the professor's face.
    • The ghosts are more solid and darker in colour.
    • The gem on King Boo's Crown is bigger and fits the crown better.
  • The map of the valley got updated:
    • Gloomy Manor have bricks, siding, and darker colors and tone, and trees surrounding it.
    • The Haunted Towers are more even in height, the bridges that connect them can be seen, and the trees and bushes are more detailed.
    • The Old Clockworks now surround the whole clock tower, which itself look completely different.
    • The Secret Mine has the ice looking mountain changed to a snow covered mountain.
    • Treacherous Mansion has the water looking more realistic and the fog coming from the giant chasm.
    • The trees in the area have a purple hue.
Gloomy Manor
  • In the cutscene on opening the first door, the door handle doesn't turn on the other side of the door.
  • On opening the fridge's door, Luigi no longer gets pushed aside.
  • In the Garage, the wheels and headlights of the car are rounded. A keyhole and a hinge have been added to it. Labels have been added to cans.
  • The Cheep Cheep on its fountain now look more like the enemy instead of having spikes on its head.
  • The grass now appears out of patches instead of appearing out of nowhere.
  • A brick wall was added by the flowers.
  • Pieces of leaves are present over the bushes.
  • The camera no longer zooms in when approaching the stairs in the Foyer; instead, the camera changes so that the entire staircase can be seen to the second floor.
  • The sword and shield on the suits of armor have added textures and their fingers are modeled individually. The greaves are refined and reflective of light. The armors also have rust on them.
  • The tiles on the floor are red instead of brown, matching the look of the mansion, more noticable in the Foyer and the Study.
  • The fish tank has more noticeable water in it.
  • Lots more detailed and trees were added in the fenced area outside the exterior.
  • The mirror on the sink is more visibly cracked.
  • The plumbing work on the toilet is more refined.
  • The pattern on the fabric of some of the carpets was changed, looking more like a carpet instead of a flat surface, like the one in the toilet and on the Parlor, with ones hiding stuff underneath looking crumpled.
  • The webs are no longer as thick and papery.
  • In the Bedroom, the changing boards have more detailed painted on them. The floor boards look more detailed and wooden.
  • The gears look gold instead of solid yellow and the machine used to turn them is more detailed.
  • In the Library, the books have covers. The compass star pops out more from the floor.
  • In the Kitchen, the refridgerator has a different design.
  • In the Rafters, the knights are laid down differently, and more clear looking. The outside walls are more detailed and show the individual shingles.
  • In the Cellar, the wood beams and pallets with broken parts are more noticeable and attached.
  • On encountering the first Boo, Luigi points the flashlight at a different angle, he looks more scared and his hands rigging is more precise.
  • The golden key retrieved after getting the Dark-Light Device no longer clips through the footstool.
  • On the above mentioned footstool, the design of the buttons has been redesigned to form two xs instead of three rectangles.
  • The animation and the transition to stand up after using the bed to enter the Study has been smoothed.
  • In the intro cutscene to the Grouchy Possessor, Luigi's tripping animation has been redesigned and compenetrations were fixed by changing his posture. The green bloom is no longer visible when its eyes are closed.
Haunted Towers
  • In the intro cutscene, the surveillance camera is no longer in a fixed position, rotating instead.
    • Luigi realizes he's airborne immediately, instead of a few moments after pixelization.
    • His position in the next shot follows the Rule of thirds, the lamp behind him is no longer visible and the torchlight illuminates his face.
  • In the Courtyard, the camera when shooting a spike ball at the carnivorous plant decoys is lower to give a better view of the targets.


  • The Australian Classification Board's rating of Parental Guidance (PG) for "Mild supernatural themes and violence, online interactivity" is higher than the original release's rating of General (G).


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Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ルイージマンション2 HD
Ruīji Manshon Tsū Eichi Dī
Luigi Mansion 2 HD

Chinese (simplified) 路易吉洋馆2 HD
Lùyìjí Yángguǎn 2 HD
Luigi Mansion 2 HD

Chinese (traditional) 路易吉洋樓2 HD
Lùyìjí Yánglóu 2 HD
Luigi Mansion 2 HD

Dutch Luigi's Mansion 2 HD
French Luigi's Mansion 2 HD
German Luigi's Mansion 2 HD
Italian Luigi's Mansion 2 HD
Korean 루이지 맨션 2 HD
Ruiji Maensyeon Tu Eichi Di
Luigi Mansion 2 HD

Portuguese Luigi's Mansion 2 HD
Spanish Luigi's Mansion 2 HD

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